I just found out that Vegemite is both Halal and Kosher. 

I've been eating Vegemite my whole life and I just noticed the Halal and Kosher signs on the bottle.

So no longer shall I eat my beloved Vegemite, as I refuse to eat religious food or any product that supports or advertises religion.

I sent two emails off to Kraft, one to Kraft Australia and the other to Kraft in the US, wishing them luck with one less customer.


I put this post here because, if I was to have ever held anything sacred it would have been Vegemite. But this can no longer be so.


So, what can I put on my toast instead of Vegemite? Any ideas?

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I just finished reading about the advertising of Kosher and Halal on the Vegemite bottle, and they started doing it last year.


So do you have any qualms about eating religious foods? 

And when did you last taste Vegemite?


I would just eat it anyway.

I know the contents are the same as before, but .....


Growing up in a non-religious country like Australia, and then later on seeing religion expand little by little into everyday life in that same country, makes me feel uneasy. 

I can't pin point what it is that I don't like about it though. So my explanation is vague. 


Maybe in the US, you don't have that uneasiness, because religion is in your face constantly, you've grown up with it, but for me, pandering to the religious for any reason is reason enough to turn my back on a product.


I can't eat it. No way.





Ok, it's your choice. Whatever makes you happy.
yep, I'm happy not eating anything which caters to the religious, I guess it gives my something new to do for a while, and that is look for an alternative to Vegemite.

Is there still Marmite ?

Just looked it up, it only comes in a 250 gram bottle. I normally buy the 600 gram bottle. But I guess I'll try it anyway. Thanks.
Might as well add M&Ms to that list, then.


I rarely eat chocolate , but them too?

Oh well.


Do you get Marble there? It's the Japanese equivalent. I think it's better anyway. :-)

So to what extent do you not mind religious symbols and endorsement of religion entering society? I have no problem with a fish sticker on the back of a privately owned car or a homosexual rainbow sticker on a privately owned shop, but mass advertising of personal opinion? In this case the Halal logo, means there is a cost that has to be met and paid to the owner of the logo. In this case it is to the AFIC. That cost is then passed onto the consumer, us.


I have no intention of financially supporting any religious body what so ever.


So now that you know money must be paid to the AFIC(Australian Federation of Islamic Council) in order for the logo to be used, and that this money is supporting a religion. Is you opinion still the same?

I think you're being a bit hypersensitive here.  They're neither supporting nor advertising religion.  They're merely telling people that Vegemite complies with specific dietary restrictions that just happen to be observed by people who are religious.  Would you have the same reaction to a product labeled vegetarian/vegan or gluten free?




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