Please to be regaling us with your favorite puns. I'll start:

A scientist doing a large experiment with liquid chemicals was trying to solve a problem when he fell in and became part of the solution.

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there was this time when a bunch of friars were having trouble making their belfry payments, so they opened a florists to try to pay the bills

they were doing very well, but the rival florist across the road started losing business. He repeatedly asked them to stop, but they wouldn't.

so eventually, he got Hugh McTaggart, the toughest ruffian in town, to pay them a visit and give them a good talking to.

long story short, they did pack up and go home. Turns out Hugh and only Hugh can prevent florist friars.
Hugh and only Hugh can prevent florist friars

Sorry, I missed the pun in that one. Care to explain?
Give you the benefit of the doubt because you're FRENCH.

"You and only you can prevent forest fires". Kind of a fire safety jingle from kids teevee.
Thanks felch, it's time for a couple cross-language puns.


you're FRENCH.

Toi aussi?


A British cat, named One-Two-Three, competes with his French rival, Un-Deux-Trois, in a swim race across the Channel. Guess who won?

Un-Deux-Trois cat sank.
The 'r' is not normally silent. It's not that uncommon to hear people skip it, when they speak fast, or when the next word begins with a consonant. Or just because of a local accent. Still, it seems almost everyone skip the 'r' when they count sequentially, 1-2-3-4-5. My guess is it dates back to kindergarten, when you learn to count, but don't know how to spell 'quatre' yet.

Funny the title page doesn't mention it includes useful lol cat phrases.

Duh! Should have thought about that one myself ;-)
Danny Kaye told a "shaggy-dog" version of this story on his variety show ... roughly 45 years ago ... and I never forgot it!
Ha! "You and only you can prevent forest fires" was an ad on adult teevee in the US, as I remember, too.
Not sure this is a 'pun'. But your one about chemistry reminded me of:

If you're not part of the solution, your part of the precipitate.
My part of the precipitate?

Heh. Not quite a pun, but its groaner. So, I'll say it's a cousin to a pun and let it have a family reunion.
There was a typo. It should have read, "If you're not part of the solution, YOU'RE part of the precipitate."
Time's fun when you're having flies.
It's not pretty being easy.


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