VFX (VenomFagX) and Other Bigoted Dolts On The Same Sex Marriage Ruling???

The Same Sex Marriage legislation has had an amusing repercussion in the Vlogger world as well as on news coverages, with many homophobic dolts either coming out of the woodwork or making extremely amusing Vlogs which are beyond idiotic.

Though, by far the most fallacious of them all so far, has been from the world's seriously brain cell deprived idiot in VFX or better known as VenomFangX, but VenomFagX would be more appropriate for this blog.

He is among the dumbest young earth creatard on the planet at the moment, it will be harder to find a dumber person, but they keep trying, because only such idiots would even look at YEC these days.

Here is his Vlog, 

But first I must post a warning!

WARNING: Exposure to such an Idiot may cause facial damage through violently self inflicted, unavoidable face-palming at his extreme naivety and lack of any functioning rational brain cells.

BTW: Ken Ham is not in love with Shawn Karon (VFX's real name) as he is more likely to be trying to wring Shaun's neck, as Shawn is a disciple of Kent Hovind (whose views AIG does not support) who is currently bowing over for Jesus Cruz a convicted drug lord, probably because he dropped the soap while in the shower block, deliberately!

It's the only love he gets from Jesus these days.  :-D~

This Vlog is quite Insane and so Extremely Wrong in everything Shaun states.

Wait, there's more Drongos to come in this blog.

VFX is just the most stupid I've seen so far, Ted Cruz is likely to be close by,

Ted Cruz:   This Dolt has attacked the supreme court ruling and thinks that these judges should be elected, and as pointed out by even Fox News's very conservative legal mind, Megyn Kelly, who indicated this would make the judicial system political and thus tie all decision making to voter's biases.  Their founding fathers wanted at least some decisions to be made on reason, not just on political bias.

His comments also conflict with the polls:

Here is an article entitled: 

"Ted Cruz says Supreme Court on same-sex marriage is out of step wi...

The Polls: 

While Ted is playing politics and fencing off questions regarding homosexuality, he is obviously very upset over the ruling for gay marriage and knows it would be politically damaging for him to state his beliefs outright, but, his rants to fellow Christian groups and his promise to bring in a Christian America to his Baptist father and followers is enough to show where his irrational cognitive dissonance points!

So, both Senator Cruz and VFagX are out of touch with U.S public opinion.

The Judicial System's ruling was precisely in line with public opinion.

So it is obvious as to who made the correct decision and which dolts are out of touch with reality!

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True FT, he needs to cop a lot of derision for his nonsense.

Something that doesn't appear to be happening.

I guess I could add more, but so far those two dolts will do.

There are hundreds more that should be included, but time and room is limited.




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