My obsevant Catholic father, for instance.

He’d married a Methodist woman and she, I think, persuaded him to start my older sister and, two years later, me in a public school’s kindergarten. Decades later I learn that when we were almost through our third and first grades respectively, America’s bishops announced that the highest duty of Catholic parents is to take their children out of public schools.

Suddenly she and I are not in school and have to wait until September to start those grades again in the nearby Catholic school.

How does Catholic education make kids into slaves? What contributes to their success?

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"How does Catholic education make kids into slaves? What contributes to their success?"

~ Tom Sarbeck 

"The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting; by doubting we come to the question, and by seeking we may come upon the truth."

~ Pierre Abelard

I am the last person who capably answers these questions. Of one thing I am certain, fear plays a powerful role in keeping one from doubting. I was not raised Roman Catholic, however, Free Methodist teachings were a significant part of my upbringing. Their weeping and raving with tears streaming down the cheeks of adults as they cowered on their knees in the pews had something to do with my fears. Of what were they afraid? Who supported those grown-up fears? How did they know there was danger lurking to "get us?" Where did they get their information? Who told them such things? 

Wait one minute! I did all the right things as an adult. I married wisely! I obeyed, as I was taught! I submitted to my husband and to my teachings!  Blah! Blah! Blah!


Anger became my friend! It saved my life and improved the lives of my children!

School had always been my sanctuary, a place where I felt Safe, Secure, and Stable; S to the third power. 

Question 1. What does it take to make a healthy family?           (my B.S. Degree)

Question 2. Can I learn how to build a healthy family?               (my Master's Degree)

Question 3. Can I teach others how to build a healthy family?   (my Ph.D.) 

And you've been making your corner of the world a decidedly better place, with those and your other questions!

Thank you, Grinning Cat! 

Tom, some time back, you commented on the following elsewhere on A|N:

Deny religion the ability to use shame, fear, or guilt, and you've basically eviscerated its ability to manipulate or control you … or anyone else.
-- me

Those three tools are the RCC's primary stock in trade:

  • Shame
  • Fear
  • Guilt

That is how the Catholic Church "educates" the young of its flock, and it is those practices which need to be STOPPED.

Loren, you named them! STOP SHAME, FEAR, and GUILT.

Define “apostate”.

In the OED: from the Greek for “runaway slave”.




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