My thanks to debzilla for telling me about the wonderful news!

Victory for evolution in Texas

July 22nd, 2011

Pop the champagne corks. The Texas Board of Education has unanimously come down on the side of evolution. In a 14-0* vote, the board today approved scientifically accurate high school biology textbook supplements from established mainstream publishers — and did not approve the creationist-backed supplements from International Databases, LLC.

"This is a huge victory for Texas students and teachers," said Josh Rosenau, NCSE programs and policy director, who testified at the hearings this week. In his testimony, Rosenau urged the board to approve the supplements — recommended by a review panel largely composed of scientists and science educators — without amendments, and to reject International Databases' creationist submission. The board did just that, and asked for only minimal changes to the approved supplements.

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Excellent news!

Now pardon me if I sound like Scrooge, but let's NOT let up now.  Keep the scrutiny if not the pressure on the TEA board members and let them understand that neither creationism nor (un)intelligent design are acceptable class material, not now, nor in the future!

Yes we need to continue the "fight" to teach science! Let's continue the work!


So true!

Lets keep them on their toes!

It's almost like 'whew!', one issue down, 3 million or more to go!

Excellent news, thanks Steph.

Yeah Sandi - only 3 million.

This is fantastic news, I agree. However, we must continue to be vigilent, cause the creatards aren't finished yet. They just keep going, like roaches.

True booklover - keep the pressure on.

That's a good one Tony - creatards

  Good for Texas!! Hooray

Thank you Richard.

Well that's a surprise. But there are people of normal intelligence in Texas...




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