Not very familiar with what the Mormons believe, I thought it reminded me of what Scientology believed. Only without the volcano stuff.

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I never heard the part of the story where the followers of lucifer never got a body, the neutrals became blacks, and the 'valiant pure-hearted' became whites...what the fuck, guys!
Wackos. Another tidbit about this cult, that I find stupefying, is that their 'divine revelations' come at such opportune times.
*In the early years Utah's statehood was withheld until they adhered to the federal law against polygamy and suddenly, the leader (Brigham Young, I think) had a divine revelation that god had told him that the morons didn't need to practice polygamy anymore. Whew..that was a close one.
*Then in the 70's the IRS was threatening to revoke the churches tax-exempt status due to it discrimination against blacks. And once again a divine revelation saved the day!
What lunacy. Just how far will some contort their intellect and reason to hang on to a group sanctioned delusion? It really is mind boggling.




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