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Good advice, David. Thanks!
that's awesome david, cheers. fyi, amazon create space do an extended distribution channel that supplies to bricks and mortar too.
That's great! I didn't know that! Another thing I really like about POD is that you have far more creative control. Right now, I don't have a clue as to what the graphic is -- or is supposed to be -- on the cover of my own book. Back in 1981, I was waiting for a book of mine to appear in the bookstores but didn't see it. After a couple of months had passed, I phoned the publisher and asked what the holdup was. He said there was no holdup. It was just that the title had been changed to something completely different -- without my knowledge, much less consent! I may have an immature attitude, but after working for months and months on a project, I don't appreciate some total stranger coming in and rearranging things at the very last second, usually leaving plenty of evidence of carelessness. For me hereafter, POD is the way to go, especially with the great news you just shared! Thank you!!!
Are you the Johnny P that created the wonderful videos on another part of this site? If so, I wish I had seen them earlier. I certainly would have stolen your well-presented ideas (with due credit of course).

yes i am. cheers david. i hope to, over the months, create a series of videos on philosophy and theology such as those. however, and most wonderfully, my partner and i have just had twin boys (yesterday) and so my video making days might just have to go on hold!! which ideas found purchase?
Very interesting. Thanks for the video!
it's a shame that for uk residents, create space is a bit rubbish because you have to jump through hoops to get through tax issues, lulu does this less, and i think that because lightning source treat you as a publisher rather than an author, they bypass the problem entirely, and they have printers in the uk and the us, and so distribute through all us and uk channels! that is who i have opted with.
Yeah, I have checked them out and they seem really good. I will probably end up going with them. Do they provide an ISBN though?
you can buy isbn's in groups of 10. i just bought ten for £111 from the uk isbn agency (neilson). as long as you can follow their instructions on turning your document into the correct pdf format and are happy to deisgn a cover (using their template) they seem to be a really good option. dead cheap (£21 for a book and £7 a year. £2.70 per book + 1p a page). the margins are good and distribution is great. i think.
Hey guys, please please buy my book that has just been published about whether or not we have free will:








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