(video) Ron Paul on "Considering Terrorist Motivations"

Okay, just for the sake of my sanity:  The "We're occupiers, therefore they are terrorists" observation ignores their lack of innocence in terms of what we are doing as occupiers, right?  We help our friends, they don't like it and want us out.  That doesn't mean we give up helping our friends and let them be bullies.  But then again, it seems our friends don't play nice and aren't exactly innocent either.  No one is.  How complicated.


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I'm sorry, but I'm sick and tired of these guys saying we don't need government and they are... wait for it...
government employees. (Ron Paul, I'm talking to you)
Thanks for that. Also, either way, social or military programs, we have never had a President or Congress (at least in a century or more) that has EVER shrunk the government.
Dunno if it's ben's job to shut me out but I shut down mentally when I see his face

rasta don't work for no

rat race

the fool is too thirsty




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