I am just curious about this because I don't hear about it. I hear about Atheists being shunned and hated but not that much about any actual physical harm outside of intense mental/emotional harm. This question is only intended in the U.S. I know it happens in other countries. I am just wondering if Atheists need to fear this in the same manner as a homosexual would fear beatings and being killed?

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This is a good article on the subject. I don't think your discussion is a network question though.

That is a good article, thank you. I have reposted this question hopefully I'll get a few more responses. I've personally have never been attacked or threatened and was curious if this was an actual threat to other atheist or a unneceessary fear. I understand that there is a definate fear of shunning and verbal abuse it's just that i've never heard of actual physical abuse because of atheisism.

I'm dead tired and this may come out garbled. I ran into someone Friday evening who started the conversation with "I like your bumper sticker".  I was up since 1 in the morning and it was 5 PM when I met this guy. I didn't catch on until I left, but he was angry with me and was picking a fight. I had spent the morning from 10 am researching a printer, going out to Microcenter to pick one up, bringing it back to the bar to install it in the office and other troubleshooting and training. So, around 5, I found myself with someone who wanted to know more about me, so I announced to the whole bar that I am a strong Atheist. By the way, my bumper sticker says "Can I teach evolution in your church?" So in response to my announcement he said that I was really an agnostic because I don't know if there is a God. Without waiting for me to respond he offered the argument that I don't know how the Universe came into being, so I have to say that it must be God who created the universe. I just bowed and spread my arms at the I don't know and smiled at the God must have created it. I was thinking that I was very tired and wanted to just go home. So, with the smile still on my face I turned to go while I wished everyone a good night. Right now, I have had an hour and a half sleep and it popped into my head that I might have avoided a physical fight (or at least a very loud argument) by the skin of my teeth. What a wonderful world!    :o)

I march all over Buffalo, New York (a very Catholic city) wearing my atheist t-shirts and sweatshirts.  About all I get is, "I like your shirt," or "I agree with you."  Now I am large and a bit weird looking, but...

Once I exposed to my ex supervisor that I was an atheist and was smacked in the back of the head, and no longer allowed to eat lunch with him and his people...does that count as violent?

Ironically, I am both atheist and gay.  And besides some verbal confrontations an threats like "you're going to burn in hell", I've experienced no beatings, physical or otherwise harmful nature.  And I live in the Bible belt!




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