Basically this:


video game shoots and kills those who arent believers. Its called "Left Behind: Eternal Forces."


I'll post a review by an amazon reviewer named akram khan that pretty much summarizes it:


"The basic premise of this game is that believers roam the New York and kill the unbelievers using Christ sanctioned weapons. The players get to blow areas of the whole city using tanks, kill in the name of the lord and then pray their guilt away and increase their spirits using the special pray button. This game is absurd promotes intolerance and bigotry. If a company in the Middle East / India /China came up with a similar game killing people of other religions who did not convert to Islam / Hinduism / Buddhism, we would all be up in arms with Bill O'Riley, Ann Coulter and Glen Beck decrying the lack of sanity and tolerance in that part of the world. Strangely they seem to have this game their silent nod of approval an example Glen Becks Dec 4 interview with the Jeff Frichner, President, Left Behind Games. Parents should keep their children away from it. If killing is your thrill, I would recommend the World of Warcraft or Half Life as alternatives."


So much for Christians claiming peace, love and tolerance (but we already knew that)!


What do you think?



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Peace, love, and tolerance only extend to other christians, the bible makes that pretty clear.
I'd have to say that "love your neighbor" and "love your enemies" certainly makes it clear that you are wrong. At least let's know what we're talking about before we spout off on it, m'kay?
For visibility:

"[A]nyone looking for explicit "Kill the unbelievers!"-style content to justify their fear of the game won't find it here."

"Many groups have made inaccurate statements about this game that need to be corrected. For one thing, it is not particularly violent. While there are violent aspects of the game, the game makes it clear that shooting is the last resort."

"To keep the balance of power in your favor, you'll have to find non-violent ways to avoid getting killed. Your units will definitely fight back in a life or death situation but, for the most part, you want to either avoid your enemies or have a ready plan to convert to your side using musicians and disciples."

"Conversion to Christianity in the game is not depicted as forcible in nature, and violence is not rewarded in the game."
I've played this game, and it pretty much sucked. the game is basically broken, uninteresting, and to top all that of, the way the developers tried to justify killing killing in the name of a religion is just sad, even if this is just a video game.
Exactly! Why is it okay for christians to simulate killing other "non-believers" but not for others of different religions? Like the pot calling the kettle black!
I remember X-Play reviewing this game a while back. It's nice that Christian film companies and Christian game developers both enjoy the same level of quality.
I like gamespot's review: Another good thing about the Rapture is that it will take you away from disastrous, buggy games like Left Behind: Eternal Forces.
Second that! Just like christian rock/rap, ect sucks, so do their video games!
as if the exploitation of banks/lending with the front of 'gods work' was not enough...

tell you what, fight, fight and fight some more. this nation is built on battles, sorry folks.
video game? 1 lousy video game... Bush pt. whatever played our military like a slot machine for too long with the 'gods work' label.
An atheist may have even produced such a game just to get some dough.
Many preachers round these parts were once married, hey wait a minute, got hit by the treachery of
bush admin, claimed financial ruin and became preachers to be good bank lending brokers... as long as they read a bible out loud, usually in spanish (yeah I'll go there)... to then get the ok from the old-school/elderly racist jesus lover... It's all over TV. TV seems over. Have you seen what's going on in the superficiality channels nowdayz?

besides wikipedia is way more destructive to creepy religions...
ever look up jehovas witness, surprising hq location!?
and the Blaine Amendment is quite interesting too

well folks, enjoy the mongering and toil, embrace, adapt and learn through adversity/diversity
There is a game called Heaven Vs. Hell thats an RTS game. Really funny if you ask me lol
I just watched the video trailer for the game and the movie, way to funny. So if you're not Christian then you're as they say "Evil", and need to be converted or killed. That's a whole lot killing to be done. Also this company gave away 1million copies for free, probably because they couldn't sell them. But still there company is doing something that I haven't seen from any Atheist groups. So what can we do?
Have a video game where you kill the religious? Or better yet theocrats!Guess which one would be featured in the media? Dont think it would be the christian one. Pick on the minority!




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