Basically this:


video game shoots and kills those who arent believers. Its called "Left Behind: Eternal Forces."


I'll post a review by an amazon reviewer named akram khan that pretty much summarizes it:


"The basic premise of this game is that believers roam the New York and kill the unbelievers using Christ sanctioned weapons. The players get to blow areas of the whole city using tanks, kill in the name of the lord and then pray their guilt away and increase their spirits using the special pray button. This game is absurd promotes intolerance and bigotry. If a company in the Middle East / India /China came up with a similar game killing people of other religions who did not convert to Islam / Hinduism / Buddhism, we would all be up in arms with Bill O'Riley, Ann Coulter and Glen Beck decrying the lack of sanity and tolerance in that part of the world. Strangely they seem to have this game their silent nod of approval an example Glen Becks Dec 4 interview with the Jeff Frichner, President, Left Behind Games. Parents should keep their children away from it. If killing is your thrill, I would recommend the World of Warcraft or Half Life as alternatives."


So much for Christians claiming peace, love and tolerance (but we already knew that)!


What do you think?



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Instead of killing them,it would be much more entertaining to turn them into atheists...Kinna like an atheist sort of vampire thing,where the atheist is drawn to the religious,consume their souls and they turn into atheists...How they react,when their god is gone and how you,the atheist then deal with them would add more meat to the game.
Actually, yes, there is a game like that and it barely got any coverage in the media:

Whereas the Left Behind game was prominently featured in several print articles and TV reports.
I thought you killed demons in this game... am I wrong?
Another word for demons is: hindus, muslims, buddhists, atheists, wiccans, ect basically all non believers. I think how the game is played and what they put on the game jacket are two different things. I think for PR reasons they arent going to put the 'kill the non believers' on it since that gives a bad spin to their video game. They dont want too much reality being exposed because it wouldnt be good for their image. But for the players whove bought and played the game they report that you kill non believers whom are on the same level as the demons.
It seems there have been a lot of hyped-up falsehoods spread about the game. The following statements about the game are from independent sources that definitely aren't "PR" for the game company:

"[A]nyone looking for explicit "Kill the unbelievers!"-style content to justify their fear of the game won't find it here."

"Many groups have made inaccurate statements about this game that need to be corrected. For one thing, it is not particularly violent. While there are violent aspects of the game, the game makes it clear that shooting is the last resort."

"To keep the balance of power in your favor, you'll have to find non-violent ways to avoid getting killed. Your units will definitely fight back in a life or death situation but, for the most part, you want to either avoid your enemies or have a ready plan to convert to your side using musicians and disciples."

"Conversion to Christianity in the game is not depicted as forcible in nature, and violence is not rewarded in the game."
And "demons = all non-believers?" Really? Besides a few extremist kooks like Fred Phelps and his inbred band of boobs, do you have any proof that Christians believe such a thing?
I'm disturbed that the Left Behind writers sanctioned this. o.O It's one thing to write a bestselling series to "warn" of the apocalypse, another to encourage violence if/when it comes. >.X

Although, I still find the idea of people believing in the apocalypse funny. If they read more history books or just watched the History channel, they'd understand that Revelations was about Nero, not some near-distant future.




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