Don't have enough wars and rebellions? Do you hunger for more US "action" abroad? Climate Destabilization will meet those needs.

Here are two important conclusions from the report that the IPCC strangely puts 13 pages apart from each other:

  1. Violent conflict increases vulnerability to climate change. Large-scale violent conflict harms assets that facilitate adaptation, including infrastructure, institutions, natural resources, social capital, and livelihood opportunities.
  2. Climate change can indirectly increase risks of violent conflicts in the form of civil war and inter-group violence by amplifying well-documented drivers of these conflicts such as poverty and economic shocks. Multiple lines of evidence relate climate variability to these forms of conflict.

Separately, they are both worrisome. But together, they are catastrophic. Climate change makes violent conflict more likely — and violent conflict makes a country more vulnerable to climate change.

Conservative Climate Panel Warns World Faces ‘Breakdown Of Food Sys...

Somehow the Obama administration sees the US boom in unconventional fossil fuel as a boon for our international ambitions.

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I remember reading something that US politicians want to hold on to the increased international economic power from having a "surplus" of fracked natural gas and other unconventional fossil fuels.

Just like corporations, looking only at short-term profits even if the course is suicidal....

You are exactly correct here, Casey. The truth is that there is the same amount of water on the earth as there always was -- no more, no less. The sad fact is that due to humans gathering too much in one place, water will become redirected and cause many water shortages. The begining of this is already happening. The end result will be that even the large cities will not have enough water.




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