Local balloting today in Washington State. 

Multiple stupid ballot measures.  Some are nonbinding advisories telling the legislature to vote for or against what they already voted for or against, regarding some nuances of tax law.  Obscure and confusing.

Local in my county, "nonpartisan" commissioners.  I went with the Democrat endorsements, after doing web searches on each and everyone.  Much of the info was vague, promising good government and stuff. 

Locally, one school commissioner's page made sure to mention that she is raising her children with her partner, also a woman.  Separately, I did find that she is the incumbent, and has supported and implemented learning standards.   Her opponent is against standards, stating basically that teachers should decide for themselves whether students need to learn math and stuff - she is apparently getting some conservative endorsements.  I know which way I went with that one.

It's so sad.  The local signs with just a name - I'm supposed to vote based on whether I've seen a sign with their name?   Limited info on record.  We are supposed to vote based on they want "good government"?

File:PC interstate-5 bridge cars ca1920.jpg

A big issue here, this is a big suburb of Portland OR, mostly a white-flight bedroom community with massive commutes across the Columbia River over 2 sets of bridges, daily work commutes.  The I-5 bridges, twin bridges one built in 1917 and the other in 1958; both built when nobody ever heard of Vancouver and Portland was a fraction of its current size.  Local voters don't want light rail - apparently thinking it would bring more people of color to Vancouver.  They want to drive without tolls, thinking that people who don't use the bridge should pay for it.  Plus they all just enjoy driving in gridlock traffic every day, 130,000 vehicles a day, red lights for miles, engines running so help warm the excessively cool planet earth without actually going anywhere.  Not just commuting.  A lot of Portland area people live in Vancouver due to no WA state income tax.  They drive to the massive shopping areas just across the bridge, in Oregon, due to no Oregon sales tax.   A toll would counter that.

So, the local politicos, not wanting to stick their heads out, have multiple ballot measures to "advise"  on whether to explore the option of new bridges.  One of these days, one of the bridges will cave in due to old age and overuse not intended when built, and there are occasional, rare but occasional, earthquakes here, and then tongues will wag and hair will be torn out and people will be blamed, but the real people to blame are the local voters.

That's just my entirely unbiased, balanced, opinion of course.

We did vote today.

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I voted for him.  Had nothing to do with his hair.

Me too. 

Here I had to vote for some local offices that I had no idea, even after googling them, of really what they stood for (I ended up voting against the one who said he went to a Christian university like it was a good thing. Other than that, just two tax issues for school funding and the Marijuana Tax issue.

I would probably vote against the christian university person too, all other things being equal / unknown.  Depends on the situation.

I would vote against a religious person unless they agreed with me on quite a few issues that the other candidates did not.

One of the ballot measures here is to label GMO foods.  It's fun that this was the banner ad on nexus right now:



I wonder how much they paid their spokesperson to make a statement that is completely against her own business interests? 

Regardless, I voted yes.  I want my foods labeled.


Grinning Cat - so how do you decide how to decide whether to vote for or against a judge?  If they have nice hair?

A starting point is the statewide or city bar association's investigations and recommendations as to whether judges/candidates are qualified or not.



(Once in a while, a judge or justice shows up in the news, or advocacy groups find more specific evidence on them.)

I use the same type of resources: 

the Illinois Bar Association and the Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization (I...

In Philly, the "not recommended" findings for a few judges only cost them a few thousand votes out of 70 to 80 thousand. In this overwhelmingly Democratic city, it looks like lots of people voted a straight party-line ticket.

Thank you for voting Yes. I worked that campaign. 

A funny comment at Good As You, about this week's disappointments for the National Organization for [heterosexual-only] Marriage, which often complains about "activist judges":

billJohnson19D: Also the NOM backed Republican candidate for governor in VA [Cuccinelli] lost and marriage equality advanced to the full house in Hawaii. Losses for NOM all around tonight, I hope they have their “we are so disappointed” letters all ready to go.

rmthunter: I'm actually waiting for Brown to come up with something about "activist voters" in Virginia thwarting the will of the people.




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