I had to start an abstinence only program yesterday, and that drives me nuts. The program talks nothing of contraceptives, and speak about contraceptives like they never work. I don't quite understand how they can legally say this.


My question to all of you here at Atheist Nexus is how do you feel about this? How do you feel about kids being taught to be "abstinent only"?

Update, 04/01/2010: I talked to my principal about it, and he was under the impression we were learing about protection and contraception from our personal fitness classes, which we were not. He has since spoken to the personal fitness teacher, and they will put safe sex into personal fitness, probably starting next year.

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Its all a smoke screen for their real agenda. Religious fundamentalism forcing you to keep your pants zipped. They dont give two shits about aborted babies, they are always the first ones to want to cheer after we bomb some city or town or village and kill a couple thousand babies.
Religious fundamentalism mixed with Hollywood learned machismo and bravera! Im talkin to you John Wayne fans. Sorry we gettin off topic.
The fact is, what they are is pro-BIRTH. Once the kid's out da chute, their work is done, or so it seems. I've heard a LOT of idle chatter from them about pre-natal support or adoption assistance, but very little if any real action. Oh, and about all those fertilized ova which either don't implant or don't make it through the first trimester owing to "natural" causes? They don't care about them or don't want to talk about 'em.
Exactly. They always claim that there's a shortage of babies to be adopted and someone else will adopt the child. >.X Who is that someone else? And the only shortage is in newborn healthy caucasian babies. Otherwise, we would never have heard of orphanages or foster care. >.X
O but remember there is NO racial factor involved??? With religious fundies. Specially them gun toting flag waving ones.
I can personally attest to the deep shame about sex. I was "saved" at 16 and after a really vague health class (no sex ed) and my sex talk from my mom consisting solely of "don't get pregnant" all I heard about was god wants us to wait until marriage. Oh, and masturbation was evil too. Even after I got married (I did eventually get preggers out of wedlock with my then-fiancee) I was still ashamed of sex and felt guilty about it. (not to mention the whole "jesus is watching you all the time" talk about killing the mood!) I have been married almost seven years and just recently have felt comfortable about my body and about having sex.

I have two young daughters, and though for the sake of all other children in their school district I hope they teach comprehensive sex ed, my daughters will have the full rundown from me on both sexes as well as the sex act long before they think about engaging in it. (and I will be encouraging abstinence, but also telling them about contraceptives)
Bravo Brandy!! My kids learned it ALL early. And that we approve of a healthy, active sex life with a consenting partner or partners of what ever gender floats their boat! Course my 11 year old still thinks its all giggly.
Well said Mark.
The other day a young man came into my pharmacy to buy PlanB the morning after pill. I counseled him about the use and he told me that it had been about 48 hours since the unprotected sex, This is well within the time for effective use of PlanB. He then informed me that the girl started her period 24 hours after sex. These kids were worried about pregnancy and did not even understand what was going on physiologically. In another instance a girl I know, on birth control pills, asked me which pregnancy test was most accurate because she was worried that because she had "unprotected" (condomless) sex and was worried. What the hell is going on? Is our educational institutions so hamstrung economically or politically that we can't teach basic biology?
I don't know about you Ronin, but I also work in a pharmacy (I'm just a technician) and the extent to which people don't know about their own bodies or personal health frightens me. Our clientele are highly religious and uneducated, and it seems to be an equation for a personal health care disaster. So many of our customers are literally killing themselves with their lifestyles. Are your clientele this way? Sorry that this is kind of off topic.
That's America for ya! We don't need yer dern lernins! We got God!
Out of curiosity, what state do you live in? Abstinence teaching is ridiculous. I mean, obviously abstinence works if you don't have sex, but why do you need a whole class to tell you not to have sex. It can be mentioned as the obvious but its like saying, don't go out in the rain and you won't get wet. No shit.

Kids need to be taught what they are not getting at home. I taught mine everything about safe sex and was a little surprised that they didn't know a lot of it. They knew about condoms, but not how to properly use them with spermicide and/or lube for the best protection. Schools need to teach this. They give out condoms at college, but they need to start doing it in high school.

Parents that want to teach abstinence can do it on their own, in their church, but kids should not be sheltered from basic health information.
I live in Florida. Sorry I'm only just now responding, I hadn't realized anyone had posted here since March 31st. And they don't really just teach abstinence. They teach a whole bunch of other bullshit, like that sex should be the smallest part of a relationship, and how companies use sex to sell their products (which I really didn't get how that helped them at all). Just to make sure no one thinks I'm a sex addict or something, I don't think sex should be the largest part of a relationship, but a healthy, physical relationship is very important. All in all, they talked about 1/2 the time about abstinence and STD's, and the rest of the time to miscellaneous things that had very little to do with the topic.




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