I had to start an abstinence only program yesterday, and that drives me nuts. The program talks nothing of contraceptives, and speak about contraceptives like they never work. I don't quite understand how they can legally say this.


My question to all of you here at Atheist Nexus is how do you feel about this? How do you feel about kids being taught to be "abstinent only"?

Update, 04/01/2010: I talked to my principal about it, and he was under the impression we were learing about protection and contraception from our personal fitness classes, which we were not. He has since spoken to the personal fitness teacher, and they will put safe sex into personal fitness, probably starting next year.

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Abstinence only education is a joke. Don't have sex! That's it class dismissed. Much in the same way that creationism is - God did it - class dismissed.
I taught comprehensive sex education for 30 years to high school students (mostly Sophomores). Over the years I had many favorable comments from parents on how I presented the material, many were religious parents.
One thing I realized early on was you can't belittle the values of a family particularly in that setting. It's easy to defer students to their parents when the issue is values/religion.
My goal was to give students the most accurate and current information on sex and sexual relations which included the plumbing, contraception, abortion, consequencies of unprotected sex, homosexuality, heterosexuality, disease and abstinence.
One of my opening comments was, the most effective birth control pill available to women is an aspirin held tightly between the knees (but only if it isn't dropped) and if that's not for you then pay attention and learn what might be right for you.
Lolz at the aspirin thing! My grandma apparently used that line on my mother in lieu of real sexual information.
Good job speaking to an authority! Wish I were so brave sometimes...

I don't like the idea of criminalizing sex. I've been raised that way, and it's still a little shadowed in guilt. I suppose sex is like many things in the regard. Too young is too young; you don't give a 9-year-old a car, that doesn't make driving wrong (though I haaaate it). But maybe that's why it's so important to be ready, not to abstain from it entirely.

I've heard that not only do these programs not work, but the only difference is that when these kids do have sex, they do it without contraceptives.

Also, why were you forced into that sort of program??
Good job speaking to an authority!


I've heard that not only do these programs not work, but the only difference is that when these kids do have sex, they do it without contraceptives.

Yeah, it's true. At least, from what I've read it's true. I have a folder full of stuff that I showed to him, and why we need to get rid of the WAIT program, but he blew it all off saying that it was about something else and that WAIT was "different".

Also, why were you forced into that sort of program??

It was the school. There was a waiver to get out that your parents had to sign, but my dad wouldn't have. When I say "forced" I don't mean that my parents were all "We don't want our son to be taught this!" and the school was like "Tooooooo fucking bad!" It's that I didn't want to, and no one in a position of authority seemed to give two shits.
It's as though these retards think that their load of disinformation will stop people from having sex all together, which I never did understand their strong stance against two people enjoying each other. Personally, I spent so much time focused on Martial Arts that I didn't even want a girlfriend through most of my youth, so I speak as the abstinent youth. It's bull shit. All their disinformation does is give excuses to not even use condoms.

I'm a dick when I know people are being stupid. I would sit in class going on about how ridiculous they sound, and that they should take their religious beliefs to the church where other fear mongers love to brood.
With the advent of the christian side-hug, I expect unwanted pregnancies to drop dramatically in this nation.
Because full-frontal hugs lead to accidental copulation?
N.B.: There ARE people in these abstinence-only programs who are emphatically NOT happy with their content (or lack thereof!), and in the case of this op-ed piece by Connie Schultz of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, they spoke out with candor about that lack. In this case, at least, they WERE heard!


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