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The second posting had me cracking up.

As for the first one, Hitler was a Catholic and Stalin even studied for the preisthood once. The Nazi SS troopers had rings saying "Gott Mit Uns" proving they sincerely wanted the blond haired, blue eyed Aryans to be the "chosen" race. They had the duty to control the world. There was much mystism and supernaturalism in Hitler and the Nazi movement.

Those were funny.  I never thought about the mustache connection.  Teddy Roosevelt also had a mustache, and he went to war too.  

Hitler has6 letters.  So does Stalin.  Hmmmm...

What I really wonder, though, is if christians say atheism leads to war because so many atheists say religion leads to war.  At least, religion is used for promoting war.  It creates a sense of "us" on one side, "them" on the other side, similar to how nationalities can lead to war.  There can be no doubt that there are sectarian wars.  But sometimes, it's culture, and religion is one facet of the cultural divide.

Like Michael, I like the second posting a lot too.  "Jesus rode a velociraptor when he defeated Jehovah's army of demon tiger monkeys."  Was that in 1st Corinthians or 2nd Corinthians?  

I think 20th century technology had a lot more influence in the mass murder perpetrated by the usual suspects (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.).  Would the Crusaders have refrained from using machine guns?  Would 7th century jihadists have held back their nukes?  What won't a violent religious person do if he believes the one true god wants it done?

You're absolutely correct, Craig.  Throughout the ages we have invented ways to kill the most number of people, the quickest and most efficient ways possible with the least amount of retaliatory casualties. 

I think we have come to the limit of what humans can do to destroy our entire population, yet there are groups and some people who would love to exercise that option.    

A violent religious person would annihilate the planet, without blinking. They are nihilistic and narcissistic, and saturated with hatred and inhumanity.

Well said, Craigart14, Carl, and Daniel.

.......and don't forget Hitler's connection to McDonald's. 


I don't get it.  Hitler and Oliver Hardy?  Or is that Fatty Arbuckle?

I'm not sure that's Oliver or Fatty, but it might all be about the moustache. That was a popular style then and even Charlie Chaplin used it for his "little tramp" charactor.

I get that crazy argument all the time, about certain select dictators who happen to be atheist and murdered the masses. The people who propagate this nonsense refuse to admit that ruthless dictators are all about stopping any uprising which may threaten their dictatorship, not about spreading non-belief in gods. Where people assemble, threats to power are contrived. This would obviously include religious congregations, just like any other massing of people for any other reason. Stopping these from occurring ensures the disruption of any potential uprising. If a mass of atheists were to have congregated, they would have been subject to the same persecution as the religionists.



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