Outside of celebrating family and friendship, which can and should be practiced spontaneously throughout the year anyway, I hate this time of year.

Christians claim this to be the birth of Jesus Christ. However, evidence points more towards it being a celebration of one of the points of earth's rotation around the sun, winter solstice, where in the northern hemisphere, the sun is at its lowest point on the horizon at noon. This has significance since easter, another christian tradition, seems to happen around the spring equinox, which is the time of year when the earth's tilt is about even with the sun and daylight and night time are about equal.

It seems clear to me that many traditions predating christianity celebrated yearly events.

Regardless, the reason why I hate this time of year is because it is nothing more than a bourgeois holiday dedicated to ensuring we spend money and lots of it. So much for the meaning of christmas.

I also find detestable that some christians try to use atheists as a scapegoat for starting a "war on christmas" where in reality the so-called "war on christmas" (if you believe in the myth anyway) was really started by a rampant uncontrolled, corrupt, capitalist system that has skewed the wealth of the world to a point where 1% of the population controls most of the wealth while many starve on the streets. GET A JOB YOU LAZY FUCKERS. Seems to be the anthem of jesus loving christians who are fighting a crusade against the attack on christmas.

Christmas was corrupted way before atheists started standing up and becoming vocal about our rights under the constitution. The hypocrisy of some christians is evidenced by them using atheists as the scapegoat for destroying christmas.

In reality christmas is nothing more than an ancient ritual to celebrate winter solstice, stolen by christianity, and then hijacked by capitalism to materialize it in a money making venture.

Somehow, Christians have managed to turn this around and blame atheists for destroying the meaning of christmas.

The irony of it all is that most atheists celebrate christmas, buy gifts for friends and family, enjoy the atmosphere of being around friends and family and buy into the recent tradition of christmas.

The minute we start to speak out to defend our rights by trying to keep overtly christian displays by being endorsed by government and placed on courthouse lawns or other government property which we as atheists also subsidize with our tax dollars, or if we use our 1st amendment right by displaying billboards that espouse our view and our values (which are paid for by atheists), we are somehow characterized as starting a war on christmas and destroying the chrustian message.

And you wonder why atheists are angry? Happy Holidays everyone.

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Well, I am an atheist who does not celebrate Christmas simply because it is a Christian holiday.

I am an atheist who used to be a child who believed in Christmas, later to be a christian who believed in Christmas, only to find out later still that christ had nothing to do with Christmas, so you might say I've had a war on Christmas for a very long time! It's bullshit! It's merchant day!




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