I'm curious to see what a bunch of nontheists' opinions are on the matter.  So what does everyone here think of the war on drugs in the USA?  Is it a worthwhile cause?  What results is it bringing us?  Are we making a dent in drug addiction and drug availability?  Are we keeping kids off of drugs?  Is it constitutional to imprison someone for possession of a substance?  Just some starters.  I'll write what I think here in a bit.

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Hell, even Pat Robertson said something against the war on drugs:




That was kind of shocking and I kind of don't hate him quite as much now. Maybe making sense is his version of senility?


I doubt that anyone believes in the "war on drugs" for virtuous reasons. Other than groups that have personal interests in drugs being illegal (alcohol companies have been huge contributors to the Republican party...hmm I wonder why that is?), the "war on drugs" is done to save face, because governments can't ever just admit they were wrong.

Why not?  I think admitting you're wrong shows great character and your willingness to be fair and honest.  Continuing a failed policy even when you know it's wrong or failed is either delusional or psychotic.  The people that kick down people's doors for selling drugs are no better then the people they are so vehemently opposing.  The fact that an adult would actively take the freedom or the life from another adult for making a consensual adult decision proves that the one kicking in the door is nothing more then a thug willing to prey on his fellow man.
make them legal.
The US Drug policy is in need of a desperate restructuring. Clearly, the current form is highly ineffective. Marijuana at the very least should be legalized and regulated, but harder drugs are another issue.
Why are harder drugs another issue?  That's the whole point.  We see marijuana in schedule 1 because we don't think these policies through logically, we use our emotions.  Won't someone please think of the children!!!!!  There are always going to be drug addicts.  We need to look at what policies will bring about the least harm to society.  I strongly feel that harm reduction and an end to prohibition are the best strategies moving forward. 
The difference in my mind is that marijuana is inherently harmless, whereas some of the harder drugs are far more dangerous (although there are always pills that are just as dangerous). I would support the legalization of all drugs on a pharmaceutical and research basis absolutely. You do have a point, that regardless of a drug's legality, people will find a way to get them. Making something illegal doesn't mean it goes away.
I'm not disagreeing with you that different drugs have different risk factors.  My point is that we don't use science when formulating our policy with drugs.  Alcohol and tobacco kill far more people each year than all illicit drugs combined, but we as a society seem to find that perfectly acceptable.  The amount of deaths due to illicit drugs is minuscule compared to our population.  We see far more harm to people and society from our criminal justice system then we see from drugs.  Sure drugs do harm to people, but punishing people through the criminal justice system does far more harm to people then the drugs do.  At the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves, do we want to help people, or punish people.  We shouldn't punish people unless they have infringed upon another person's rights.
If the harder drugs were relegated to the realm of pharmaceuticals, people would be much better off.  It would reduce the need for crime, and to obtain their fix legally they would need to obtain counseling from a doctor.  Reducing the black market and keeping them under watch would help enable people and help reduce the risk of using those drugs in the first place.  Its the puritanical moral mindset of Americans that has pushed these problems to the extremes.
Synthetics kill more people every day in Florida I'm sure.
Not to mention how many mentally ill or unstable people would be better off working and toking when they got home...

Damn shame is what it all is. Cocaine is a terrible thing, chemical warfare imho.

Drinking too much is quite bad for biz too.


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