War on votes. I was waiting for this... This is how USA democracy is lost. Or stolen.

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Republicans will do anything -- ANYTHING! -- to win power.  Here in Albuquerque they got support for imposing "government issued photo ID" for voting by saying "You have to produce photo ID when you fly."  Never mind that a huge portion of the population never takes a commercial flight.  "You show your drivers license to cash a check" So many people don't drive, and many don't have a checking account?  To middle-class Americans, it sounds fair.  But it isn't, and there is a purpose: stealing elections.  And if people don't become vigilant, it will get worse.  Much worse.

Indeed. They (exxon etc. non American(anymore the heads even admit when questioned in committee by gov.) companies etc.. main polluters and haters of enviro regualtions) will not ever care what flavor of smoke and mirror rep is elected to represent their 'power structures'; their 1% of greed that screws the us, the world for that matter... ever since the abortion etc. issues that folks have with tv programming (and bible prog for that matter) in FL>.

maaaaang. it's like the mental ward was let out back in Reagan era and now they're wearing suits of professionals acting like depressed animals with dollar bills getting thrown around to the blind sheep.. which.. ahhh forget it reach the ones that are not lost. I regress too much with historical references though; just like the do on tv; dagnabbit! fwd! current present only! ; )

Long live the Pirate party of Germany! - shit i hope they're not hitler sympathizers... ; )

And long live the Constituitonalists that want to amend the document to be rid of old-world cheater loopholes!




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