Was there a particular event in your life that contributed to you becoming atheist?

I'm new to this site, so I apologize ahead of time if this topic is repetitive.

About a month ago, a close family member of mine passed away after a four year battle with cancer.  She was diagnosed at age 37, and despite all the prayers for her, she finally gave up the fight.  

Having been raised Catholic, I rejected the religion entirely by the age of 15, and from that point on, I remained on the fence about the existence of a god - until about a month ago when my cousin died.  The hardest part for me was during the last visit that I had with her, when I finally had the chance to talk to her one on one.  She told me point blank, "I don't want to go yet.  I'm not ready to die yet."  Despite her incredible will to live, it wasn't enough.  

Losing her made me reevaluate everything I thought I believed in in terms of a god or the afterlife, and I've since come to the conclusion that it's all a bunch of fairy tale, hocus pocus nonsense, and it is precisely the reason I finally jumped off the fence I'd been sitting on about god, and finally embraced atheism.  Not only was this decision because of my cousin's death, but because atheism just makes more sense.  

The religious people out there try to convince me of this divine master plan that "God" has in store for her, that he needed her in heaven and blah, blah, blah.  All I can do is stare at them, absolutely baffled as to how anyone could be so deluded.  How long are people going to keep making excuses for this so-called god, trying so desperately to make sense of the senseless?

I still haven't come out of the atheist closet to my family, and I don't know if that would be the best idea at this time.  However, I believe that I will at some point in the future,

Part of my question also is whether or not any of you have switched to atheism after the death of a loved one?  Something tells me I'm not alone here, so I'd love to hear what anyone else has to say.  Thank you.

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There were lots of turning points for me, I was raised in a very religious family, but I never could fully get into it even though I tried (felt it was my obligation).

I started, at some point, to step outside my viewpoint and imagine how I would view my religious beliefs if they were some other religion instead... and they began to look downright silly and indefensible. Once that starts to happen the whole facade starts to crumble.

The first doubt came in anthropology 101. The professor said something similar to "If you believe in adam and eve, there's the door" (pointing to door). At 27, I tried my experiment. I used to pray before bed, and for some reason, one night, I just laughed and said to myself, "this is ridiculous. Let's see what happens when I don't pray" That's when everything became clear for me. I don't need to ask for help, and wonder why, I need to create the outcome that I want. 

What happens when you don't pray is relatively the same thing that happens when you do  pray.

I "became" a christian when I was 17. I remained a faithful Christian for 37 or 38 years. Then a few years ago I started to doubt the existence of a god. I'm somewhat on the fence now. However, I've come to realize that my prayers are based on fear and superstition. Thank you for letting me share.

glad you dropped by

Dave, I used to be a lay preacher. Later I come to realize that prayers are not answered. If you think they are it is a coincidence. I'm not on a fence. There is no logical evidence for a god. He does nothing because he is imaginary.

My critical thinking came by watching Jerry DeWitt videos on You Tube. I started waking up then. I have never met Jerry, but the way I see it we are both still preachers of a sort. He got further along in the ministry than I did also.

Jerry Dewitt seems to have a thriving congregation in Lake Charles, La. Did you see the threatening letter that a member received? > http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2014/10/10/atheist-fam...

Thanks for that link, damian. That's some scarey stuff and sounds like somebody can't understand that non-theist has nothing to do with Satan. I missed this one because I've not kept up with Hemant Mehta recently. I hope they get this worked out. Violence is not called for ever.

Fuck, why do you people always give such long replies to shit?

The behavior of Christians and how divided and confused and insecure Religious people are.

A bit different for me. (blush)

I actually rejected religion, christianity, because I felt there was something very wrong with nuns and priests. I found nuns and priest creepy and they scared me. So to avoid the creepshow I just rejected all that stuff at a very young age. I although had to do my comunions, family tradition. But I remember being already a strong non-believer while doing my second one. I just faked all the stuff to be once and for all done with it.

I've been called a heretic and was very often told that if I didn't quit what I was doing and start to act as a good christian I would burn in hell...  But my fear for the creepshow was so big that for my young brain burning in hell forever was a small price to pay.

It's as a mid teenager that I made up my mind and became convinced that all those religious people were just mentally ill. Priests shouldn't be out there preaching but put in hospitals to have that stuff they call faith, healed. What I didn't get back then was, where that religious disease came from?

When I understood what indoctrination was about it all became obivous and that was the final nail. I never looked back and went on being a happy atheist.


They talk about tolerence but keep calling me names and wishing me horrible things. So I decieded to call them by their real name, nofuckguys and nofuckgirls.




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