Mormons came to my door, I opened unknowingly. Without even saying anything I shut and locked the door.
If you come bothering me with delusions, you should expect to be treated rather rudely.

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it's your house, they can deal with it.
They are probably used to it. Mormons haven't been by my house in years. I wish they would, I like to discuss religion.
I almost got 'em with a water hose. I was at a friend's house, in the front yard, and he told them that he wasn't interested, but they didn't get the message. I went to the water hose, and told my friend, "just say the word, and i'll let 'em have it". They got the message and walked off.
I had Jehovah's Witnesses come to my place several months ago. The two elderly ladies started by talking about the economy and terrorism. I told them they were horrible for using scare tactics to recruit people into their religion. We started a more civil discussion and I was surprised how un-phased they were by my platinum atheist arguments. They even used a biblical passage as a comeback after I told them their religion was modeled after an ancient Egyptian sun god. I wanted to keep discussing things but after half an hour at my doorstep, they were getting frustrated.

I assume its easier to look for suckas than convert someone like me. I wonder what God would think if he knew they were setting a 30 minute limit on saving lost souls... lol Next time they come I'll invite them in and show them all my favorite Atheist videos.
You did nothing wrong. I might have said something choice to them before slamming the door. What I really like is this gutsy old lady.
I agree that you did nothing wrong...You have the right to pick and choose who comes into your home and who you interact with,,,I'd have done the same thing,but I'd have told them to go away and don't come back or I'll call the cops and have them arrested for trespassing.
Don't feel bad. The local JW's here have put me on their Do Not Knock list. I can't understand why. I've always been polite and willing to discuss the issues with them. maybe it has something to do with the way I ask to borrow their bible and then use it to blow their claims out of the water.

A good one to use is their Vapor canopy flood myth. JW's claim that the flood came from a vapor canopy that was over the earth. Well if you look at genesis, it tells you that God separated the waters (oceans, lakes and rivers) from the waters (vapor canopy) and the space in between was called the heavens. He then placed the Luminaries (Sun and Moon) in the heavens. Do you see what happened there? By placing the water canopy beyond the heavens god put the cause of the flood at least 93 million miles away from the earth. And more likely at least 186 million miles away from earth so it would remain in a liquid form and not freeze or boil away. Tell them that and it will give them something to chew on.

Another misbelief of the JW's is that the days of creation were much longer than a 24 hour day. They believe that each day of creation was thousands or perhaps millions of years long. They do this so they can look like they agree with the scientific age of the Earth. And for proof of this they like to quote Psalms where it says that a day to god is thousands of years to man. Well before you try to debunk them on this one, you first need to ask them for their definition of a day. Get them to agree that a day is a 24 hour cycle of light and dark, including a morning and evening. Once you got them saying that open up THEIR bible and show them that very same description in genesis describing the days of creation. It clearly describes a cycle of dark and light using the words Morning and Evening and refers to such a cycle as a day. If they try to strap on their dance shoes and give you the usual song and dance about Psalms point out the fact that Adam was created on the sixth day and lived to be 930 years old in their bible. If the creation day were thousands of years long then Adam would have lived to the ripe old age of 2,930. Or 2,000,930 yrs old. That's twice that Genesis confirms the 24 hour cycle of the days of creation, and they have to go to psalms to try to cobble together some feeble explanation in support of their half baked theory?
We won't even go into the Claim that God said let there be light to separate the morning from the evening thus creating a day. And then we find out he didn't create the Sun until the fourth day.

So within about 10 minutes not only have you destroyed two of their most cherished fantasies, but you've also proven that their bible isn't the inerrant god inspired book they claim it is.
Athiests: 3
JW's: 0
You just scored a hat trick on the JW's using their own book.
It really throws a wrench into their little fantasy when you use their very own book to debunk them.
But I still can't figure out why they don't come around anymore. Any ideas?
Their too busy?
It's more like
Logic: 3
JW's: 0
you should of shout these two words before slamming the door! MAGIC UNDERWEAR!
I haven't had an encounter with them. However, If they came knocking on my door, I would just tell them I was a Satan worshiper and I was getting ready to perform a human sacrifice. Then I would politely ask if one of them would kindly volunteer. Then I would shut the door in their faces and lock it. Yes, I have a sick sense of humor. However, they probably wouldn't find it so funny.
I wish some Mormons would come to my apartment so that I could do this. Lol




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