The Christmas tree can stay - but no more Nativity scene.
That's the word from Washington's Capitol, where protests erupted last winter over competing private holiday displays.


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That's great! But now we can't steal the baby jesus!
They really shouldn't allow anything. Religious observance should be a private thing on private property. Then there is no conflict.

However, anyone in the know knows that Christmas trees are pagan and not Christian! LOL!
Oh, they should have left the displays up. It would have been entertaining to watch a Believer Death Match. I'd sell tickets, and popcorn.

If I didn't have two big conifers in my side yard, easily seen from inside, I'd consider putting up a tree for the winter. I think they're pretty, they smell good, and are a cheery bit of decoration in the winter. While they have pagan roots, and then got adopted by Christians, they seem to have been adopted by a lot of different people in places where putting up a tree is the tradition. My favorite Indian restaurant had a wee tree in the window, and I'm 100% sure they're Hindus.
I think it is great that they've banned the displays. I don't care about the tree, but the nativity scene is a bit much.
I think holidays are an important part of personal, familial and societal cohesion. A time to reflect and enjoy the company of the people you love and who love you. Placing "claims" on holidays is likened to vikings asserting claims on Wednesday, it serves no purpose but to divide cultures and shine a glaring spotlight on the inconsistancies of one's own wacky belief system.
Nothing kills the joy of sharing like screams of "It's mine!!"
And governments should be separate from the celebrations of it's people, lest we incorporate laws on how one so chooses to celebrate a personal event as long as it harms none. What would be next? Someone telling me how to enjoy my wedding anniversary? Sorry, a bit of a tangent there.
Thanks for the article.
Hooray! A step in the right direction!
I'm all for a pine tree covered in lights ;)


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