Watch who you order from... the money may end up against your interests.

And is there anything really 'special' interest about keeping our Constitution? Bill o' Rights?

basically I did the look up on who runs/owns before ordering a decent deal from em' and I see on wiki a mention of support of school vouchers... hrrmm...

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Regal Cinemas/United Artists is owned by Phil Anschutz who is some far right leaning religious person who supports the Discovery Institute and the Parents Television Council among others.
Did not know. I know the owner of Dominos pizza used to use his money from his chain to oppose abortion rights (the owner gaves loads of money to anti abortion rights groups and is staunchly catholic) and carls jr owner is anti-choice (or against abortion rights) as well so I dont go there. Also Alaska airlines distributes little Bible scripture card on every tray of food they hand out on their flights and in and out burgers has little bible verses on their cups and other disposable eating wear (fittingly as they should be trash. Toss with glee!).
I don't drink Coors for the same reason. The owner is a member of the religious right.
tastes like tin too
yeah, that guy in tampa was totally freaked about the adult entertainment bizes there and built ave mariaville for people to gawk at. Did you know jebbush is a cathy by marriage...
how about netflix?
Yes, the most important vote is the one you make with your money.

I imagine some of you may remember when Snapple was boycotted by many because they ad supported Rush Limbaugh.
say what? yikes
I don't buy Levi products because they are avidly anti Second Amendment.
Levi is also anti-worker. No Levis are made in America anymore. Point being it has gotten to the point you'll find something you don't like about a lot of companies and how they spend their profits. I guess you figure out the worst ones and don't use their products.
and then there's making your own stuff...




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