Hi all.  I'm Renee.  I live in San Diego, I moved here about a year ago.  I'd lived in Phoenix for all 41 years of my life before that.  I absolutely love it here (though it is far more expensive than Phoenix!).  I've gone to a few events with the local atheist meetup group, and they've been quite nice.  I tend to have difficulty in social situations where I don't know anyone, though (I suspect most people do), so it's not that easy for me to just go to a meetup.  I've had good experiences with getting to know folks online, though, so when I saw a link to this site on the Friendly Atheist's page, I thought, why not? 

Anyway, I'm in healthcare IT, I'm kind of a nerd, I live with my doggy, Patches, who is pretty much in charge.  I'm single, happy, and love my family and friends very much. 

I've considered myself an atheist for about 12 years now, I'd say.  I was a Methodist, and pretty liberal in my beliefs.  Eventually, I started to really consider my beliefs, though.  I had always found it troubling that per the Bible, women were considered "helpmates" to men, and were to submit to them.  I found it troubling that so many of my fellow Christians believed that my gay friends were sinning and going to end up in hell.  I wondered why I was so willing to accept Christianity as something real, when I certainly didn't accept Islam, for example, as real, yet millions of other people did.  What made it any less believable than Christianity?  I started to really think about it.  I always loved "Cosmos", so therefore had/have a great respect for Carl Sagan, and I read "The Demon Haunted World" and thought, "Brilliant.  Yes.  That makes sense."  Haven't looked back since.  It wasn't even a painful realization, as I recall, so maybe the doubt was always there for me. 

Anyway, hello!  I look forward to getting to know y'all.  Hope everyone had a nice Rapture weekend.

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   Welcome to San Diego.  I'm a bit of a transplant myself, as I was born in New York State, and grew up in the "outback" of Pennsylvania, but I've been here since 1977.  There's a lot going on here.  I would recommend the "North County Brights".  I am a tacit member myself.  They meet in Encenitas on the first Monday of the month.  You can apply on-line. 

   It appears that you enjoy reading.  I can recommend quite a bit if you're interested.  I also maintain a modest library and am willing to lend. 

   I have been a freethinker since I was 14, (a long time ago). 

   I'm not sure if you are familiar with "Old Town" San Diego, but I'll be part of the parade on July 4th.  Look for the Colonials, there's just a few of us.  The bottom line is that there are a lot of opertunities here, and you likely have some questions.  It's not as secular here as we might like, but there's not many "fundies" either.  A nice place to live.  I'm in the east end of Poway close to a Kingdom Hall, (Jehova's Witness), and they never bother me.

   Now you know at least one person.



Colonial Atheist


Thanks so much for the welcome, everyone!




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