Here's the text of an email about one way:

Thanks to you and more than 342,000 other people, we just sent a powerful message to Congress.

Supporters of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (at and a dozen of our allies just sent a powerful message to Congress: discrimination by government contractors is unacceptable.

Hidden in the national defense bill is the Russell Amendment, a provision that would allow religiously affiliated institutions that receive federal grants and contracts – including hospitals and universities – to use those taxpayer funds to discriminate against employees on the basis of religion.

Under this provision, you could be refused a government job interview if you don't practice the "right" religion. You could be fired from that job for marrying your same-sex partner. You could lose your job for being a single woman taking birth control.

Simply put, the Russell Amendment is one of the most significant threats to the LGBTQ community, women, and religious liberty that we have seen in Congress in years.

I don't know all of UA's allies but here are four membership organizations: ACLU (, FFRF (, American Atheists, and the National Committee for Science Education

If you know of others, please post about them and let's talk about victories.

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The American Humanist Association is a member of the (I can't find it) D C alliance representing non-theistic groups at the federal level.  They also join with the ACLU and other organizations protecting the rights of all Americans, not just Christians.  They can be reached at

I would expect the Freedom From Religion Foundation to be all over this as well, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State on top of that.

If anyone can find petitions please post it. I'm ready to do what I can thanks Tom!

Compelled, I don't know which organizations besides AU collected signatures on the Russell Amendment. I also don't know if Congress has acted yet.
I do suggest that people connect with organizations that work to keep church and state separate.

I was getting to feel useless sitting behind this computer complaining of things and doing nothing about it. Thanks to you, you showed the way......

I clicked on the link you provided and it ed me to United Acc of Plumbers.....

Whoops. The ua dot org is now au dot org.




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