This Nov 4th  we all need to vote......If every  American member  of A/N votes it  would help a lot......Most of us are none too happy with The Fundamentalist  and Tea Party  members  of Congress.....This is our chance to influence  the  election  in our favor....If enough people  vote maybe  we can make a difference.....Republicans  are hoping  for a low  turnout, so lets  show them  that we do not like  their  platform  which  denigrates  women, and  is Anti Gun Control,  anti ACA, Anti social programs,but are   for  tax  loop holes  and  tax  cuts   for the richest  1%............. Lets  show the republicans that  they can't  run the show  anymore by saying  NO MORE!!!!.......WE can do it!!!!! 

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I have two words to say:


...including the prospect of a Supreme Court Justice or two or three, but just as important, lower federal court judges, who themselves affect people's lives for better or worse.

I often wear a button during election season that says, "IT'S THE SUPREME COURT". I'll definitely be voting, and urging like-minded people to vote as well.

Anybody here remember France in the late 1790s? That could be where we're headed with another right-wing justice on the court.

I will not vote for these reasons:

I don't approve of the insane policy of permanent aggression and warfare

I don't approve of the idea that a voting majority, plurality, or minority has the right to enforce their political opinion upon dissenters

I don't approve of the mea culpa transfer of responsibility from politicians to the people - each person, even politician, is responsible for their actions and should be held accountable by society. 

And about dozen more but those are my top three. Enjoy voting - as you do it, just visualize that you are taking a nice big bite of the soilent pie of american murderers.

LOL  Good one!

PS: I've been voting by mail for almost 20 years; it's SO much easier!  Just got my ballot this past week, and am studying the Voters Guide on the initiatives.  If they, and the arguments for and against make no sense to me, I vote "NO" no matter what they're about.

I agree. The differences between the Dems and Repubs are minimal-- keeping them at a power balance tends to keep either party from running wild with their agenda.

If I vote it will be, as in previous years, for suitable third party candidates, if only to register my total contempt for the major parties.

The difference between the Dems and the Repukes are pretty vast. (Minimal???) I'm a registered voter and third party member but I don't vote third party because they are yet too weak to win. I want to influence for a win and not just offset one by voting third party.

Agreed! Unless and until we get a good preference voting system that will let me support third parties while not helping the Rethuglicans / the party of "I've got mine, screw you" / the major party I do not want in power, I too want my vote to go towards an actual win.

(Especially when majority control of a chamber determines what bills can actually get introduced, what justices and judges can get confirmed (in the Senate), and so forth!)

Anyone here know the pros and cons of instant runoff voting vs. other ideas?

(In IRV, people mark each race on the ballot with not just one vote, but 1st/2nd/3rd/etc. choices. To count, start with the first-choice votes. If someone has a majority of the votes -- not simply more votes than any other candidate -- they win; otherwise, eliminate the candidate in last place, add the next-choice votes from those ballots to the count, and try again. Repeat until there's a majority winner.)

Both parties are intrusive big government engines. Both parties support massive continuous overseas military presence. Both parties want to shove the government into personal areas where it does not belong.Both parties are spending the government into debt (though with different emphasis). They both attempt to buy votes by spending on pet projects.

The Dems are a bit better on things like gay rights, but are worse on trying to solve any problems with massive regulatory bloat--can you imagine the whole country like California?

Thanks to both parties the government is far too big, far too encompassing and too involved in too many places.

Both parties use the language of freedom, both parties reject it in practice.

[OT humor -- I have noticed that every time you see 'family values' in a political statement it's obviously Republican, but if you see the phrase 'working families' multiple times, you can bet it's Democratic. I thing party hacks are running a text generator for their campaign scripts.]

Absolutely no argument! Make sure you're registered, make sure you vote!

As the old adage goes, Vote early and vote often.

No, I think the adage means every two hours or so on each election day.

Freethinker was being funny.  That was an old slogan during the Chicago machine.




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