This was the question, as put, on a message board I saw this morning.

As atheists this seems like tautological nonsense, we can hardly be falling short of a standard set by somethgin we do not believe in or think is real.

As I framed in my reply: 

It'd be a bit like pissing off a leprechaun and having my fairy gold confiscated.

But it got me wondering, how else might you reply to such an assertion?  A|Ners - it's over to you. (As soon as the recent updates board starts working again!)

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Sin - Instead of a crime against humanity, it's a crime against inanity.
Sin is viewed differently by all, it's a matter of perspective.
Very nice, Tran-humanists must take "fate" in our own hands, if we don't take it in our own hands, then who or what will?

Also, you make Trans-Humanism seem very, "dull". Not all seek to place our consciousness into "hardware".


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