"We are a church and it is a religion." What a bunch of bull!

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At least they are being upfront about screwing you.



Sounds like he is just using that as an excuse to do illegal activity.
my point exactly.
who really knows how many.. well I know for sure that 'prophet' jesus incarnate in MIami? the 666 guy is a prolly a coke dealer or something crazy...

anyhow according to the book of fox news clues to the corruption(s) domestic and abroad...

Averill is in jail, accused of selling himself for sex at the church.

"I say people call me what you will, but at my church, I'm labeled a practitioner. At my church, I'm labeled a shaman," he said.

Averill has been working for the Temple for a year.

"No, I do not charge for sex. I work off donations. I work off of what people can leave me as offerings," he said.

Averill, who goes by the name Zander, admits to charging more than $200 for an hour session. He says he's devoted himself to healing people, including overweight women who need to feel loved. He says he's ble$$ed hundreds.

I get it now. No wonder prostitution has not been legalized. It'd put the faith inc.'s outta biz !LOL oh shux!

For those who may have missed it, this discussion was already started a couple of days ago

Religion, Sex, Drugs, Freedom of Expression, and the Law


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