#White Supremacist/Terrorist In Chief, President Donald Trump, systematically uses the language of hate speech and racism to encourage those who suffer from changes taking place in the world. The changes include the economic, political, social, and distresses caused by global climate change. 

Trump systematically scapegoats by using racist, anti-migrant, anti-muslim, nationalistic, and misogynistic language.

Changes in economic conditions, as manifested by the growing wealth gap between rich and poor, and puts strains on people who feel they have no control over their lives. As production rises, the wealth gap grows, making a very few families very wealthy, and the general population living in distress. 

#White Supremacist/Terrorist In Chief, President responds by blaming others for current economic events. Yes, the wealth gap started before him, however, he exasperates the trends. These currents resemble the changes from the time of the Golden Twenties to the Great Depression Era. We need a new name for current events and can reuse ”The Great Depression 2”

#White Supremacist/Terrorist In Chief, President Donald Trump’s response to the mass murders in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, was an insult to every human being. After scapegoating by race, about migration, using the anti-muslim, nationalistic, and misogynistic language he stands before the American people and declares “condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.” Reading from the teleprompter the words someone else appears to have composed, he speaks out of both sides of his head, a case of hypocrisy personified. 

We need to repeat the words of Bernie Sanders:

”Stop racism!

"Stop the anti-immigrant bigotry coming out of your mouth!

”Tell [Senate Majority Leader] McConnell to pass gun safety legislation the American people want,” 

”Ban assault weapons! 

”Implement a buyback program to get assault weapons off the streets!

”These mass shootings are terrorist acts of war and we need a national response!

”Condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy!”

”Stop blaming fake news, video games, and mental illness!”


Bernie Sanders


August 06, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - 

Because the United States suffered a deadly weekend with two more mass shootings with 29 dead and over 40 wounded, many perfectly normal human beings feel powerless, out of control of their lives, they feel unsafe and afraid of the unknown events they feel they can do nothing to change. 

The fact is, there is a lot of things we can change. 

We are capable of changing the economic trends that can lead us to opportunity economically, and mentally!

We can change the political values to caring for all people and the planet! 

We have the wisdom to evolve into a nation that inspires healthy systems!

We possess the skills and knowledge to respond in ways that empower people as we enter global climate change!

Cities need to be raised or moved, people need to be taken from those places that will be flooded and from places suffering from chronic drought!




Joan Denoo

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

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