I mentioned  in a previous  thread  that we are separated by ethnicities....Such as African Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, Jewish Americans etc......I failed  to mention then that in the last  20 years, there has  been  an increasing  percentage  of  interracial and inter faith  marriages....I predict that in the  next  20 to 40 years   there will be  so much more mixing  of ethnicities  and faith that when someone asks  what your  nationality is you can  honestly say   100% American....... ....Because   by then  America  will be truly  unique in our  genetic  makeup, and since  we share  the same  double helix  DNA, we will all truly be One in the same...........Since  people  also  marry outside  their faith, I also  predict that religion  will only  be getting  in the way  and  the majority will choose  to be  Agnostic  or  even go with Atheism....Wouldn't  it be great if  everyone  wakes up and  realizes  that god  is not real and  they can live a normal, happy life,  without  praying  to this  mythical  creature...............I would  be interested  in your  comments.....  

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whatever....I certainly  did not intend  to offend  Canadians....As I live in the United  States, I refer to it  as America...as in ` America  the Beautiful'...I do believe  we in the United States  refer to ourselves  as Americans....I thought people who reside  in Canada  referred  to themselves  as  Canadians..Sorry  if I was mistaken  Pat...

Well  Pat,  tell that  to the millions of Americans  who do.....I am sorry  but since  I was  a child  America was a  synonym  for The United  States of America....and  no one  was ever  questioned  about it....When do you hear  anyone  refer to us  as  North Americans....You are being  silly....  

Patricia,  I tell you what......Since  A/N is an international site  which  I am not used to  being in.  I do see your  point of view.....I am just  so used  to being in the USA , we Americans  just say  it.....Since  the world  seems  to be getting  so much smaller , thanks  to the internet,  we  all must remember to be  more  specific  It is however  difficult to change  what  comes  out  of our  mouths  automatically....but I will try......Just  remember  I did not  mean  to offend...Can we call a truce?

And, what about the people of Chihuahua, Sonora, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Jalisco, Baja and the Yucatan? This continent just doesn't belong to white Norte Americanos from the US or Canada.

Pat.....I suggest  you read my thread  again.......I said  we are all One......that  all ethnic Americans  will  be the same...including  all Native Americans and  all people of color..........I was trying  to give  a positive message....Sorry  if  you  misinterpreted .it...

Freethinker, you're correct. I should not have used the term 'white' Norte Americanos. My mid-statement. Not your lack of clarity. Apologies.

We are one is a good concept. It was also a song by an African entertainer called Lucky Dube. He said that people, trees, and all the animals "were one." This included all people and all colors. He had the right idea but unfortunately he was killed in a car highjacking in South Africa, apparently in the presence of his young son.

Will this idea take hold worldwide? I think it will, but it just takes some more time. Children today are more racially tolerant than their parents. They also tend not to believe the old religious myths. With computers now, the information age has come forth. All they have to discover now is that life is not all about dope, and get over that old teenage saying "there's nothing to do." Wake up and get a life. There is plenty to do.

Thank you Michael.....You seem to understand the  message  I was trying  to convey....Hopefully one day soon, we all can live  together as one people in peace  and harmony... 

we are one - works for me, as long as I don't have to be American...

There's really no country where all is well. But what I want to say is: if we want to be ONE - as we are, because we're all stardust - don't hide behind stupid borders, don't greet a flag, don't mouth traditions, don't throw your ancestry about, don't allow people to look up to you or down on you. Leave all that stupidity behind! We are people of the universe, so why do you bother with nations?

Plinius.......You are referring to a Utopia..............That is  like  reaching  for the stars.....but  it  sure  would be nice......  

What's wrong with reaching for the stars? I know I'll never get there, but if I want to live according to the things I believe in, I'd better start getting myself and my surroundings into the right shape.



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