I mentioned  in a previous  thread  that we are separated by ethnicities....Such as African Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, Jewish Americans etc......I failed  to mention then that in the last  20 years, there has  been  an increasing  percentage  of  interracial and inter faith  marriages....I predict that in the  next  20 to 40 years   there will be  so much more mixing  of ethnicities  and faith that when someone asks  what your  nationality is you can  honestly say   100% American....... ....Because   by then  America  will be truly  unique in our  genetic  makeup, and since  we share  the same  double helix  DNA, we will all truly be One in the same...........Since  people  also  marry outside  their faith, I also  predict that religion  will only  be getting  in the way  and  the majority will choose  to be  Agnostic  or  even go with Atheism....Wouldn't  it be great if  everyone  wakes up and  realizes  that god  is not real and  they can live a normal, happy life,  without  praying  to this  mythical  creature...............I would  be interested  in your  comments.....  

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@Plinius    you go girl!!!


"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."

(Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, Chapter 18: Conclusion)

Yes, some of us in the USA have Europe envy.  The USA has so many stupid cruelties - the mistreatment of the poor by drug laws, the criminal justice system, and generally failing to care for them.

The USA does well in freedom of speech.  It's shocking to most of us that just saying something or writing something could be punishable by law in many European countries.  At least if they are talking about ideas - information like nuclear bomb plans is different. 

Some time back, I remember seeing a piece on NOVA about a Russian scientist named Lysenko and his efforts to create an alternative model to genetics, describing how trait inheritance behaved.  In that portrayal, he was shown having an argument with a Russian geneticist (whose name I don't remember) about whether elephants were the descendants of wooly mammoths.  Lysenko mocked this man, telling him, "You've never even seen a gene!" and pointed out what he saw as radical differences between the two species.  The geneticist's response was simple and wise:

Don't just look at the differences.  Look at the similarities.

More than anything else, I suspect, that's what humankind needs to do: recognize that we share far more in common than the differences which may separate one from another.

That's funny, Mindy.

When my wife first got to this country I would tell friends sometimes of a problem I had with her. Ultimately it came back as "you need to tell her this is America." What the hell does that mean?

Like if we lived in Germany I could tell her "this is Germany." WTF?

Yep, We Are One but most of us are still working on it.

Patricia...you are a Canadian...nothing  wrong  with that.......Just go with it..

@Patricia.....So who is counting??

Mindy........I am  an American   and proud of it....I am not alone  either...Most of  us in the United  States refer to ourselves  as American....People  in Canada  are   Canadians,  and  People  in Mexico  are  Mexicans....if anyone  feels  otherwise  it is just  too bad....BY the way  Mindy,  you are an American  too, so be Proud......

someone  sounds  very bitter.........

@Mindy.....Well said....Absolutely  nothing wrong  with Canada. In fact  some Americans have been  known  to flee  to Canada  to escape our  taxes  or escape  the draft when we had one.....Canadians  are   very much  like  us which is why  we have  each others  back.....We, as Americans,  are  on the right path  to an excellent  health care  system, if  only  the Tea  Party  would get out of the way.....



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