I mentioned  in a previous  thread  that we are separated by ethnicities....Such as African Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, Jewish Americans etc......I failed  to mention then that in the last  20 years, there has  been  an increasing  percentage  of  interracial and inter faith  marriages....I predict that in the  next  20 to 40 years   there will be  so much more mixing  of ethnicities  and faith that when someone asks  what your  nationality is you can  honestly say   100% American....... ....Because   by then  America  will be truly  unique in our  genetic  makeup, and since  we share  the same  double helix  DNA, we will all truly be One in the same...........Since  people  also  marry outside  their faith, I also  predict that religion  will only  be getting  in the way  and  the majority will choose  to be  Agnostic  or  even go with Atheism....Wouldn't  it be great if  everyone  wakes up and  realizes  that god  is not real and  they can live a normal, happy life,  without  praying  to this  mythical  creature...............I would  be interested  in your  comments.....  

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Freethinker, I have trouble understanding you. What is it exactly that you're proud of? I can be proud when I've done a difficult job, but being born somewhere is just something that happens to you.

I know that USA education is very patriotic and I won't say it's wrong, but I keep wondering what it does to your loyalties when you say We are one. You started the thread with "We are one", but who are we in your opinion? You went on to talk about US citizens, so I get the feeling that you won't look beyond the borders of the USA. OK, that is your choice, but with "We are one" you are proud to break down the fences between different people but NOT the borders between the USA and the world. That doesn't sound right to me.

In comparison: my country (lower case letter) has given me many freedoms too, and an education (religious). I am still very grateful for the second chance education I could get so I could become a teacher and contribute to society. I put a lot of hard work and money in re-educating myself. I'm free not to believe, I'm not threatened with arrest or torture (and I'm glad my country hasn't got torture camps abroad). We haven't got dictators here; our system of government has kept them out so far. I'm grateful for social security and medical care, and I use those no more than I need. In case of calamities I can call 112 and get help. The Netherlands are not at all strong and not very rich and that is all right with me. I'm not proud to be Dutch, my loyalty is not with the Netherlands, but with people. My roots are here in the mud, but that doesn't compel me to stop at borders.

Is America an exception among the world's nations?

Pride means admiring something you identify with.  So national pride is contrary to the "We are one" message. 

One can admire many countries.  The breakup of the Soviet Union seemed admirable to me.  Many African countries surely struggle valiantly to surmount their difficulties. 

I admire the USA (where I live) in some ways and hate it in others. 

We are one?

That's both nongrammatical and nonsense! We are many.

IMNVHO, we are too many.

Worldwide, maybe three billion too many.



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