For some reason this number makes me despair.  Here I am thinking about biking to work again.  I use estate sales to buy some of the things I want, clothes, kitchen stuff, tools, partly because it's cheap and partly because it's true recycling.  I put in energy efficient bulbs.  I keep the heat turned down.


Meanwhile the human race is reproducing like bunny rabbits.  Is any individual effort even remotely meaningful?   Should I care about the next wave of floods and storms and droughts killing off a hundred thousand at a sweep?  Should i hold back on charitable giving for medical care to the destitute, and spend it on a trip to Vegas?


I don't know what's right, or what's humanistic.  The human race is pretty much like a bunch of pigs in a pig sty, and are rushing headlong to self destruction.  If we consume every thing in site, drown ourselves in our own shit, and continue pumping out litters of babies, why should I even try?  How do I know what's right and what's wrong?


My 2 cents.

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I wouldn't start with poddles I would suggest a young Chow - much easier to chow down on. :>}

how does petting one's slave improve the world?

Sentient- Great Post.  When I bring the population topic up with friends they say, "Well, would you like to die to help decrease the population?"   Stupid question. Birth control requires no one to die.
Thanks Markcincy.  As for your friends, I hope they had their kids neutered or spayed.
I liked your fantasy about the virus, in fact, I'm attempting to write a novel on just that idea. It's a bit more nefarious in that the virus is engineered by a clandestine lab in South Africa to effect only specific populations, ones that the perpetrators consider inferior (read racist) . The virus interferes with sperm production resulting in complete infertility or highly reduced fertility. The highly contagious virus among the target populations causes mild flu like symptoms but the full impact is not noticeable until long after the epidemic has run its course.
Let us know when it's published!  There is a movie about a world with no children, and one woman is found who is pregnant.  I forget why everyone became infertile, and I don't know if that was revealed.  It's very dystopian.
I'm pretty sure that was Children of Men, and yeah, it was pretty dystopian.
Bingo!  That's it!  Wow, it's great being on here with such smart people!

Hmm, let me think, I've heard that line before... ;)

ah yes, wife who stays with battering husband... just figures... just maybe he'll come around...

People, especially those with power, do not change. It is up to us to impose change. Power is not relinquished democratically, but by force.

I have found many interesting opinions and points in this discussion. One important point is the unbalanced growth of population. It is true that the population of the developed world is almost static while the population of the underdeveloped world is increasing. One reason for this is no doubt religion, but another most important reason is education. In the developing world, the educated people have realised the importance of planning the family and are practicing suitable methods for this. However, the uneducated section of the society is reluctant to do this for reasons that are more social and have nothing to do with religion. Therefore, spreading education among the uneducated is of utmost importance. This also creates the problem of employment. The uneducated people are willing to do unskilled jobs but when educated, they want better jobs and better earning. Education, birth control and economic development have to be planned together. However, wasteful priorities like defence expenditure are taking away the bulk of public money. Reducing the population of the world is just one important part of the problem of making the world a better place.

Madhukar Kulkarni.

After the second world war Britain was impoverished, tired, and bankrupt. Inside of ten years, and against all the rules of economics, a welfare state and a national health service free and available to every citizen was brought on line and the living standards of the population soared. This could be achieved world wide with little or no disruption to the world financial situation. All it lack's is the courage and determination to try. National interest's and personal priorities are a roadblock to a world fit to live in.

your orwellian animal farmish view of this planet has been noted. and while i see some logic present a few key factors that you have failed to include in your synopsis

the human race is not reproducing like bunny rabbits.

overpopulation is a MYTH and is a PROGRAM which was started by elitest white supremists. the same people who said that aids was a "gay disease"... (watch the documentary the house of numbers) i dgress

the charities that most people donate to are RESPONSIBLE for the strife and diminished structure of any country or culture they are set up in.

this planet can easily hold more billions, however if the planets population were to CONSUME like europe  or north america, THEN the planet would be on auto self destruct.

what does that say?

limit the people, or limit the consumption?

it is well known that the population of north america and europe are obese and generally unhealthy...


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