For some reason this number makes me despair.  Here I am thinking about biking to work again.  I use estate sales to buy some of the things I want, clothes, kitchen stuff, tools, partly because it's cheap and partly because it's true recycling.  I put in energy efficient bulbs.  I keep the heat turned down.


Meanwhile the human race is reproducing like bunny rabbits.  Is any individual effort even remotely meaningful?   Should I care about the next wave of floods and storms and droughts killing off a hundred thousand at a sweep?  Should i hold back on charitable giving for medical care to the destitute, and spend it on a trip to Vegas?


I don't know what's right, or what's humanistic.  The human race is pretty much like a bunch of pigs in a pig sty, and are rushing headlong to self destruction.  If we consume every thing in site, drown ourselves in our own shit, and continue pumping out litters of babies, why should I even try?  How do I know what's right and what's wrong?


My 2 cents.

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After the second world war Britain was impoverished, tired, and bankrupt. Inside of ten years, and against all the rules of economics, a welfare state and a national health service free and available to every citizen was brought on line and the living standards of the population soared. This could be achieved world wide with little or no disruption to the world financial situation. All it lack's is the courage and determination to try. National interest's and personal priorities are a roadblock to a world fit to live in.

your orwellian animal farmish view of this planet has been noted. and while i see some logic present a few key factors that you have failed to include in your synopsis

the human race is not reproducing like bunny rabbits.

overpopulation is a MYTH and is a PROGRAM which was started by elitest white supremists. the same people who said that aids was a "gay disease"... (watch the documentary the house of numbers) i dgress

the charities that most people donate to are RESPONSIBLE for the strife and diminished structure of any country or culture they are set up in.

this planet can easily hold more billions, however if the planets population were to CONSUME like europe  or north america, THEN the planet would be on auto self destruct.

what does that say?

limit the people, or limit the consumption?

it is well known that the population of north america and europe are obese and generally unhealthy...

They only chose to have 1-2 instead of 3-5. Sincerely, I don't think that's sufficient for the situation we find ourselves in.

Wise words, the historical facts tell a different story. In the nineteenth century birth rates were incredibly high due to the fact of the high rate of infant mortality, the same situation accounts for the high birth rates in third world countries today. When living standards rise there's a proportionate fall in the birth rate, and by extension a proportionate fall in infant mortality.

We don't need a human extinction movement or a Chinese veto on peoples rights to a choice in the size of their family. Clean water, a square daily meal, and access to basic health care would solve the problem overnight.

I think you have some good points there, Daniel. I buy things sort of like you do. I drive a used car and buy from resale shops, some of which are consignment. Estate sales are great but I hate to wait around for auctions. Some of that could be fun thhough.

As for what else you do, it's your life and your money. I'm not much on wanting to go to Vegas, but my wife would like that. Money is a medium that I use well and it never burns a hole in my pocket. I try to do the common sense thing but you also have to please yourself.

I was about to post about VHEMT, but it seems as though some already have. For those in the childbearing age range, it's definitely a good site to visit. 




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