We are the alpha and omega! we never truthfully die. - New Theory

We have been here from the beginning of time and we will be around at the end of time. We are eternal entities, the very foundations of stars, planets, moons and life. Its only the “I’ that expires, not to exist after one of these structures (such as a human), loses its spark of life.

We, the star dust will exist while our universe of star dust a creation of atoms building blocks is in existence you one of the “I”s call eternity.

Why you exist is because of our star dust nature concerning gas, liquid and solid states of chaotic conditions created after the void tore it self apart, it’s took much time, Yes much time, for natural condition cause by our need to change pattern, from one state to another and the natural laws that existed in the void.

The conditions of your planet were just right for and intelligent atom structure to form, that would obtain substance (energy) from star dust formed minerals then produce identical structures and multiply. These new structures of star dust had to evolve themselves because of lack of localized materials.

The atomic structure of water and air allowed movement and seeding this was the time of plants and simple moving living creatures. At time that structures started to prey on each other for the nutrients of energy needed what you would call the survival of a species started at this very point. The new structures became stronger and some clever than those ones before. Brain cells where the answer to the natural development of a structure to be more prolific in obtaining energy by cunning and adaptability in hunting and protecting its own kind to ensure successful population and survival. Communication was also a big bonus and a useful tool to achieve more survival capabilities, hunting and organization.

Today’s final most intelligent and resourceful star dust created structure the human bipod is possibly the most complex living form ever created to reap energy within this star dust universe. It’s found new ways to seek nutrition its energy and even to create tools and machinery and a way to store credits for energy and it sells energy to each other structure using tokens called money.

This structure is even building much more intelligent structures called computers but iare not yet to the level in making these computers into self reliant star dust life only as a servant tool called a robot.

These structures are in competitions with other human groups and have wars concerning power and energy and stupid imaginary belief’s. They have learnt to harness structures and the power to leave their planet but not travel far as yet. That’s a big step from the one celled star dust structure that started moving in water to find its energy.

Many of these humans are right to think that there is life after death but its not an option yet for their “I” but the star dust they are made of will still exist. However these star dust beings are very clever and may find a solution to place the “I” into a new star dust structure and that is truthfully a good prediction.

There is a problem concerning these human structures as they have already achieved some understanding of atomic structure and hopefully they will not dabble and eliminate all the “I”s.

However that would not be the end of the Universe only the end of them all those “I”s

(draft and part of a theory that needs defining)

(c) Robin Johnson-Perkins 2008

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Needs some help in cleaning up the sharp edges and critisim is so welcome as I am writing a book around this theory of mine, hopefully it is mine if not please put me right.
Hopefully there is a bit of Douglas Adams in all of us, those of whom know me as the Babel Fish elsewhere on the web will understand the depth of understanding about nothing and everthing "the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy" gave me. As an athiest I salute the following also..

Sentient puddle

One analogy Adams put forward about religion was that of the "sentient puddle." This analogy is intended to refute the suggestion that the existence of God and His love for humankind would be proven because the world is perfectly designed for our needs. He compared such thinkers to an intelligent puddle of water. Adams said the puddle is certain that the hole in the ground he occupies must have been designed specifically for him because it fits him so well. The puddle exists under the sun until he has entirely evaporated.

Douglas Adams

Your comment would have made an exellent article and I salute you fellow thinker of the crazy that infact is very true. Thanks you comment was like a xmas present (in the terms of course related to cultural pagan and cute customs of giving gifts when the snow falls).

Thanks, thanks and nice prezzy, lol
A very good description total reverence of a picture the real magic the putty of all creation star dust.

Thanks for adding so much flavour to the debate
Yes but I am pretty sure the theory tags correctly with the mystics explainations of any man made belief. But if its a good explaination for Buddism well so be it.

No i am taking a completly scientific approach nothin spiritual was suggested, however you opinion is respected
it would of been simpler to say you still exist be you where alive and your atoms which made you will always been even after your dead
Yes it would but its too short and sharp and does not explain why the "I" ceases to exist. or that atoms are alive in their own sense and how and why they form into life forms.

But what happens at death of the "I" yes totally agree.


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