quite right, and thank you Mr.Sims for pointing out what should be quite obvious.  this kind of talk needs to be more frequent, and louder by Democrats nationwide.  it seems that in far too many states, the government has become a mini theocracy under the blanket of the Federal gov't.  

i can't help but wonder if there's a connection between the calls for secession, nullification, and the passing of blatantly unconstitutional bills with this theocratic mindset.  for many in deep red states, they view the coastal states as bastions of ungodly liberalism.  they hate progressive states like New York and California.  they can't relate, and it seems they are almost embarrassed to be associated with such godless people.  

i feel these folks need to be reminded that laws in this country need to be based on secular grounds.  more people like Mr. Sims need to speak up and be heard.

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