We found out how my daughter passed her algebra class!!!!

My daughter has had a lot of trouble passing her algebra class at her university.  She just CANNOT do algebra.  She failed last sememster, then worked her butt-off this semester.  Lots of stress, worry from my DH about paying for another failed class, etc.  She pulled it off by the skin of her teeth. YAY!  BUT.  Here is where we were stupid.  Our next-door neighbor who is a very good neighbor and a really nice person (as is her husband), brought us xmas cookies (yum!) and told me that she was so happy my daughter had passed because she and her husband had PRAYED for her to pass!!!  WOW!  We thought it was my daughters spending a whole semester spending hours in the math-lab getting tutored, staying up all night studying, etc.  and here ALL she had to do was ask our neighbors to pray for her to pass!

(sorry I sound so mean, but really? That's like Tim Tebow (sp?) thinking jesus makes him win football games when there are kids dying in horrible pain in the world.  BTW SNL had an Excellent  skit of jesus and Tim Tebow in the locker-room after a game. Hilarious.  Look it up on YouTube!)

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Oh that's just great! Tell those neighbors to pray for world peace. Let's see if it works. Hehe

God moves in mysterious ways.  Perhaps He made the tutors who helped her good at math.  Perhaps He inspired the inventors of Red Bull and/or Frappucino to help her stay up to study.  You don't know!  PROVE THAT HE DIDN'T! ! !


Why'd He let her fail the first time?

Indeed, it had nothing to do with how hard your daughter worked.  It was the Power of Prayer. 

Following that train of logic,wWhy bother going to school at all?  Just pray for a degree and God will provide.  Better yet, just pray for a million bucks and you won't have to worry about working for a living.

My house got cleaner too!

oh wait, that was the Power of Sprayer.

and then there was the magic veterinarian who kept animals from breeding: Power of Spayer.

enough already hehehe

I've had trouble doing math all my life, and I'm decently intelligent, like I'm sure your daughter also is. When I was in college, I learned that I am dyslexic. She might see if she has the same condition. Or, you could start praying for her ;-)

My Darling Wife double majored in Journalism and Anthropology, and had the same difficulties with math. She's happy and successful now, and the math is behind her. That's why I'm here..

My Mom also hated math and indeed was dyslexic, she recently retired from city government as City Manager. I help her with some numbers as she worked her way up from Budget Director.

Some schools have a "Math for Journalists" course, check it out. Hard work and perseverance.

From The Devil's Dictionary:
  PERSEVERANCE, n.  A lowly virtue whereby mediocrity achieves an inglorious success.

Dyscalculia! that's the thing. grrr..good luck.

I would've been all serious-like and asked your neighbor how come God had time to help your daughter pass a class, but couldn't save people from [insert current natural disaster here].

Yes, the "God works in mysterious ways" card they like to play is so annoying. Imagine if we held everyone to those same standards. Medical care, for one, would go down the drain.

If there is a next math or science class, have her utilize a tutoring service if she is experiencing difficulties.  I don't recommend math-lab for tutoring.  The students running the lab are generally not the best at that sort of thing.  For those that are top rate in the math-lab, their time and attention will be too divided.  "Just my thoughts from an ex-academic"  Congratulations to your daughter!  It is good to prevail over any obstacle.

Darn booklover, did you forget to ask your neighbors to pray she had a learning disability? ;)

Your post makes me think of my last one, "Pet Peeve & a Rant." It's amazing to me how xtians give their god credit for good things even in the face of horrible tragedy, while somehow not blaming him for the bad.

....at least they brought you yummy cookies, lol.




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