I don't often revel in the demise of any individual, but  the death of Bin Laden is reason to throw a kegger. I hope the scumbag suffered. Cheers to the Navy Seals who got him!

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I am not going to say you are wrong, and, in fact, am glad someone said this Jennifer. I have to wonder if you would feel the same if you had lost a loved one to him yourself.

Hi Paul.

How are things?

Could you elaborate a little more please?

Remembering that the US killed tens of thousands of innocent Vietnamese children, Lao children, Serbian children and more recently 1000's of Afghan and Iraqi children. How do you think all the parents, uncles and aunties and brothers and sisters of these children feel? Do you think some of them might want revenge for what the US has done and is still doing?

The US is the leader of the world. And revenge and murder is the example it is setting. Not a very good example to set.

Good riddance to Osama Bin Laden, thanks soldiers with respect from Canada.
I always thought that Osaka bin was way more a figured than the mastermind or brains of a hierarchy. So I have to wonder, at least, if he will factually serve as a recruitment incentive more effectively in death.

Moslems claiming offence so readily does make it tricky as to how best to prove he is dead. I am assuming anyway that is why they are proceeding so slowly as they are.

I am of course biased since I'm not american and I probably don't feel so strongly about 11/9 than most americans do.

However, I find the big celebrations and praising the death of another human beeing (no matter how perverse) immature and irrational. His death will not solve any of your problems. Not even a terrorism problem.

Killing of Osama only satisfies feelings for revenge and nothing more. And the amount of money that was spent on wars justified by events of 11/9 is outrageous. 3000 people died in the attacks, yet 1 000 000 americans die each year of cancer and heart problems. You don't want to compare money spent on wars with budget for cancer research.

I didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but I don't understand this irrationality. Less emotions and more brains!

All this killing over gods is absolutely pointless.  It's like children fighting over who has the better imaginary friend.




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