Once again they're trying to instigate a culture war. Apparently the loyal opposition has determined the path to the white house and general political domination leaves boot prints on our chest.

Maybe they're just fumbling. Maybe they're looking for the next whipping boy, too weak to fight back. Maybe their pollsters said this would appeal to the party base. Maybe they're just too jazzed on adrenaline to realize they should have kept their mouths shut.

How do you fight a war by being reasonable? It's not sexy or masculine to be reasonable. It doesn't inspire the people, telling them to ignore extremism. In this hyperpartisan atmosphere, how do you convince people to work towards the common good?

The truth is that these type of attacks can actually work to weaken the opposition (that would be us again). I'm irritated enough to think this is going to demand a response of some sort. I really hope we can do better than just saying "they're stupid".

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