Atheists of Atheist Nexus! Lend me your eyes! The evangelicals and the born-again's are at 34% population in America. Catholics are at 25% in America. Non-Religion is at 15% in America. We are bigger that the Black and Hispanic population individually. We are ten times larger than the Mormons, the Muslims and the Observant Jews. It is time for the Non-Religious population of America to unite and become a political party! The time is now! For too long, we have been ridiculed. No longer, shall we sit by and have the 'Theists' destroy America! We must unite!

Atheists are the only rational people left in the United States of America. Even on Facebook, there are people so quick to shut Atheists down, stating that it is "Out of Proportion" for the Atheists to unite.  Atheists must a party, if not a political one.  Why must we Atheists be cast aside while Theists want to impose laws that will hurt the gathering of knowledge?  Why must we sit by while 'Theists' wish to plunge the world back into the dark ages?  The time is now! We must unite! Together we shall face the hardships; together we will stand tall against ridicule; together we shall show the American People that Atheism is rational and not to be feared. We are not "Out of Proportion" to unite.  Why is it that other sects of life are allowed to be organized, but when Atheists spout the Idea, we are so quickly silence? Atheists must unite, and we shall have the power to sway an election in our favor.  You want to know why every politician passes bills in favor of the Jewish party? Because the Jews vote as one.  You piss off a Jew, they are not going to vote for you.

We Atheists must unite into the Atheist Party of America!  We will see that fellow Atheists are given a voice!  That is the most important thing; a voice.  A voice for those who are still in the closet.  A voice for Atheists forced to lead a false life under 'Theism'. We will pull the individual voices together as one.  From New York to Miami, San Francisco to Seattle, Austin to Chicago, there are individual voices yelling and screaming rationalism at the tyrant to 'Theism'.  In the Atheist Party of America we will add strength behind the voice of the individual.  Our untied voice will yell and scream rationalism at the monster of 'Theism', and we will know that we are not alone.  In the United States of America, we Atheists will not be alone. 

United we will stand against 'Theism', and united we will break down the bonds that have separated us.

We must unite!  Spread the word!

Viva Atheism!

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It is has been said with some accuracy that getting a group of atheists to agree on anything is like herding cats.

You lost me with the irrational generalisation that "Atheists are the only rational people left in the United States of America."

Not only is the statement untrue,I've seen no evidence to support the self serving notion that atheists are superior to any other group. I do not conflate correlation and causation.

"Atheism"means only"a lack of belief in gods" The word infers nothing else and nothing else is implied. For that reason I will not support any quasi political movement describing itself as "atheist". I DO support such things as humanism,skepticism, and some socialistic ideas EG; universal health care,free public education and a decent welfare system.

My political,social and economic views are by no means universal amongst atheists.I have even run across the permanent adolescents in political and economic perspectives;Libertarians. :0)
That 'herding cats' analogy is getting old and is patently untrue. Atheists are no more diverse than many other groups. Look at Christians and the incredible range of political views they have - and yet they manage to wield political power.

I absolutely agree that atheists hold a wide range of political stances. However, we do agree on some key things: separation of church and state, dogma free education (this excludes education in comparative religions), reason based political policy etc. These are things we can unite on and fight for, regardless of which party we back.

The problem is not that we can't be 'herded' - we just have to find a model in which the diversity of views is respected and our core, shared, views unite us.
Some ex-believers can either be quiet or loud crazy cats... I'm proof! Where's my meow mix!?!?

If you can't laugh, what can you do?
Ha, cats, good one. True. Perhaps atheists are just the foot soldiers of the new-world rights; taking the schemers to task when they try and change the constitution. I always see so much more time in life to do what you like, feel good doing and or loving your close ones; the opposite happens when your trying to be the top religion or biggest thing on the block... etc... humbled by all these growth spurts in America these days.
Just a bit of advice...

Screaming about 'The Jews' is going to get you immediately marginalized, even if you don't mean to be anti-Semitic. Yes, different groups advance their cause because they work together as a group, but you're associating yourself with a lot of hate groups by using Jews as your example.

An independent atheist political party is DOA at this time. Worse, we can't even openly endorse mainstream candidates because it would be a kiss of death. I think our best tactic would be to channel our support for progressive candidates through an existing PAC that isn't explicitly atheist, but which supports progressive ideals. Then let the candidates know of our support offline.
I didn't mean to single out the Jewish people. They are just the most organized of the different groups. I live in Florida, and a few miles south of me, is Boca. It's like the New Jerusalem.

That aside. There must be some way for us to get into the limelight, short of one us running for President. If an Atheist runs for President, I think, and no offence, I think Europe would think that America has finally grown up.
Man, seems Europe did have enough of the Crusades...
soon it'll come to pass here; get the beer and ganja, it's going to be a long deprogramming for the rest of the states on downer pills/fear god.

Wanna go to the range, labor of luv clean your rifle? Make love with your lover. Go against the expected and bland ways of old... hugh, wtf@?!

Sounds all fine and dandy let me know when you get two atheist together to start this party.There will always be fanatics fighting against that kind of rationale is like trying to stop an ice berg. I'm weary of joining a party that's only for atheist.
The romans called xitans atheists because they did not worship the roman deities...
I read it in a Grolier encylopedia!? OK, so there. I'll stick with God-free. Tiz what I be. Sick of gods, that'll do to.
I don't think we need a political party. On most issues, especially economic ones, we are divided.

But I agree that I want to see the day when even just 5% of Congress is openly nonreligious. I want to see the day when an atheist even wins the primary to make it onto the presidential ballot. Having an atheist president, or even vice president, is almost so out of reach right now that I have trouble imagining it. I just hope I live to see the day that someone stands a chance. That's all I can manage to hope for.
"The problem is not that we can't be 'herded' - we just have to find a model in which the diversity of views is respected and our core, shared, views unite us."

Name one issue,including the definition of the word 'atheist', about which atheists as a group agree.

The herding cats analogy is meant to be a facile aphorism (as aphorisms tend to be) not taken as a general principle.

Most human beings are capable of being herded under the right circumstances.




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