Atheists of Atheist Nexus! Lend me your eyes! The evangelicals and the born-again's are at 34% population in America. Catholics are at 25% in America. Non-Religion is at 15% in America. We are bigger that the Black and Hispanic population individually. We are ten times larger than the Mormons, the Muslims and the Observant Jews. It is time for the Non-Religious population of America to unite and become a political party! The time is now! For too long, we have been ridiculed. No longer, shall we sit by and have the 'Theists' destroy America! We must unite!

Atheists are the only rational people left in the United States of America. Even on Facebook, there are people so quick to shut Atheists down, stating that it is "Out of Proportion" for the Atheists to unite.  Atheists must a party, if not a political one.  Why must we Atheists be cast aside while Theists want to impose laws that will hurt the gathering of knowledge?  Why must we sit by while 'Theists' wish to plunge the world back into the dark ages?  The time is now! We must unite! Together we shall face the hardships; together we will stand tall against ridicule; together we shall show the American People that Atheism is rational and not to be feared. We are not "Out of Proportion" to unite.  Why is it that other sects of life are allowed to be organized, but when Atheists spout the Idea, we are so quickly silence? Atheists must unite, and we shall have the power to sway an election in our favor.  You want to know why every politician passes bills in favor of the Jewish party? Because the Jews vote as one.  You piss off a Jew, they are not going to vote for you.

We Atheists must unite into the Atheist Party of America!  We will see that fellow Atheists are given a voice!  That is the most important thing; a voice.  A voice for those who are still in the closet.  A voice for Atheists forced to lead a false life under 'Theism'. We will pull the individual voices together as one.  From New York to Miami, San Francisco to Seattle, Austin to Chicago, there are individual voices yelling and screaming rationalism at the tyrant to 'Theism'.  In the Atheist Party of America we will add strength behind the voice of the individual.  Our untied voice will yell and scream rationalism at the monster of 'Theism', and we will know that we are not alone.  In the United States of America, we Atheists will not be alone. 

United we will stand against 'Theism', and united we will break down the bonds that have separated us.

We must unite!  Spread the word!

Viva Atheism!

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OK, Rayray, I'll take you at your word that you look under every rock for info about the candidates; that's commendable. And I agree that the influence of lobbyists on both major parties is frustrating and dangerous to our democracy. Both parties are too close to unelected powerful people with no particular interest in the well-being of the US body politic.

On the other hand, if you give any credence whatsoever to the propaganda from Fox, you're making a mistake. That shit is not information. It is indeed Kool-Aid. I don't think you are taking it as gospel, but you are imbibing it. Furthermore, the libertarian ideology is unworkable in practice. We live in a large, complex, highly interconnected society. Libertarianism, at best, functions at an agrarian level of economic development, but even there, it simply devolves into feudalism.

It is aggravating that we seem to have merely progressed from owing fealty to feudal warlords to owing fealty to corporate warlords. But democracy is still the only game in town for those who believe in self-government. It is far from perfect, and the US is in dangerous waters, but I see no preferable alternative to democracy. Every other option is much, much worse, as has been more than adequately demonstrated throughout history. Frustrating as it is, all we can do is continue to work to improve our system from within.
I agree, we must take a stand. Intellectual dishonesty cannot and should not be tolerated.
You're right, the world has gone positively mad. As a matter of fact, it's BEEN positively mad for quite a while. But as someone once said, "Herding atheists is like herding cats." There are atheists of every political leaning, walk of life, line of thought and so on. Atheists are far too diverse to become anything close to a political party, and there is no dogma to atheism (even though some like to say there is). Hell, even Buddhists are atheists! The only thing atheism means is a disbelief in a deity or deities, nothing more. Atheists can no more unite than people of a country, culture or religion. Sure, a country might claim to be united, but look at the US! It's the Divided States of America, despite what any politician wants to to think. Your passion is admirable, but any union between atheists would be superficial at best.




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