Atheists of Atheist Nexus! Lend me your eyes! The evangelicals and the born-again's are at 34% population in America. Catholics are at 25% in America. Non-Religion is at 15% in America. We are bigger that the Black and Hispanic population individually. We are ten times larger than the Mormons, the Muslims and the Observant Jews. It is time for the Non-Religious population of America to unite and become a political party! The time is now! For too long, we have been ridiculed. No longer, shall we sit by and have the 'Theists' destroy America! We must unite!

Atheists are the only rational people left in the United States of America. Even on Facebook, there are people so quick to shut Atheists down, stating that it is "Out of Proportion" for the Atheists to unite.  Atheists must a party, if not a political one.  Why must we Atheists be cast aside while Theists want to impose laws that will hurt the gathering of knowledge?  Why must we sit by while 'Theists' wish to plunge the world back into the dark ages?  The time is now! We must unite! Together we shall face the hardships; together we will stand tall against ridicule; together we shall show the American People that Atheism is rational and not to be feared. We are not "Out of Proportion" to unite.  Why is it that other sects of life are allowed to be organized, but when Atheists spout the Idea, we are so quickly silence? Atheists must unite, and we shall have the power to sway an election in our favor.  You want to know why every politician passes bills in favor of the Jewish party? Because the Jews vote as one.  You piss off a Jew, they are not going to vote for you.

We Atheists must unite into the Atheist Party of America!  We will see that fellow Atheists are given a voice!  That is the most important thing; a voice.  A voice for those who are still in the closet.  A voice for Atheists forced to lead a false life under 'Theism'. We will pull the individual voices together as one.  From New York to Miami, San Francisco to Seattle, Austin to Chicago, there are individual voices yelling and screaming rationalism at the tyrant to 'Theism'.  In the Atheist Party of America we will add strength behind the voice of the individual.  Our untied voice will yell and scream rationalism at the monster of 'Theism', and we will know that we are not alone.  In the United States of America, we Atheists will not be alone. 

United we will stand against 'Theism', and united we will break down the bonds that have separated us.

We must unite!  Spread the word!

Viva Atheism!

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Thank you. I have not had the chance to read Mr. Obama's book--In reality, I'm so busy now, I barley have time to read at all! :). But thank you for stating that this is 'well said'. :)

Viva Atheism!

We Canadians have even more reason to unite.
Our Atheist numbers in Canada are by far larger per capita than our Atheist brothers to the south.

I wouldn't mind further discussions and planning to see that a Union of Atheists is formed.

The beginning starts with Atheists getting together on a scheduled basis. Let us get together in person and have regular discussions as to the state of affairs of the nation, our Union, and all that affects it.
Yay, Sweden RULES!
Yes, yes it does.
Why is Estonia listed twice on that graph? Once at 50%, once at 10%?

Although I do believe it is more at 50% than 10%. We're not religious at all, even though quite a lot of the people choose to call themselves Christians.
Obviously, the findings in this report are far from perfect. The biggest problem is to label everyone who doesn't believe in God as atheist, which is very misleading. The figures were based on a number of different studies, and the way the questions were phrased in these studies allows scope for varying interpretations. Estonia, for example, appears twice as two contemporaneous studies arrived at different conclusions - one by Ronald Inglehart, Miguel Basanez, Jaime Diez-Medrano, Loek Halman and Ruud Luijkx, based on 1999-2002 value surveys, concluded that 49% of Estonians do not believe in God; Paul Froese's study, however, concluded that 11% of Estonians consider themselves atheists. Hence the discrepancy with Estonia, but clearly non-belief in God is not the same as atheism. Vietnam is virtually off the chart at 81% non-believers in God, the figures again based on the study by Inglehart et al. But Buddhism is prevalent in Vietnam, particularly in the north, and Buddhists do not believe in God - though that's not to say that they aren't religious. So to take "81% non-believers" and put it on a chart as "81% atheist" is misleading, as you are including Buddhists in your definition of atheists.
I'll be moving to Vietnam soon, so that should be fun. Particularly considering I'm currently in Indonesia (0.25% non-believers, according to various polls) - though here there are just six accepted religions, all protected by strict blasphemy laws which mean that any attempt to promote any other belief system could land you in jail for five years (or, more likely, see you deported). As many official forms (right down to opening a bank account) require you to tick a box for religion and you usually just get the six options, you can either leave them all blank, or occasionally get to tick a box for "other". Any survey based on this available information will clearly be skewed in favour of the six recognised beliefs.
Obama is CIA. They, yes daddy bush n' co., paid for some if not most of his University.

I'd say he's good for the U.S. though. He, I'm guessing, infiltrated the injustice system?
"Was is over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!"
"Quiet, he's on a roll."

Although I admire you for your noble cause, I believe you will need some patience. We as a group of 16,000+ members can't even raise $5000 over a 6 month period. Apatheists probably make up biggest sub-group of the non-believer group, because they just don't care about god or religion.

The long-term trend towards secularism is set in place. Large parts of this world and even the USA are turning more secular every year. The weight of religion's insanity will be its undoing some day.
"Was is over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!"
"Quiet, he's on a roll."

I don't think atheism fits under a united umbrella at this time because it defeats the purpose of being a freethinker if we try to encapsulate atheism. Personally, being an atheist is only one part of who I am and the policy issues that I'm concerned about are already covered by being a Democrat. Not 100% maybe, but a good 89%! So I see no reason to splinter off and join an Atheist Political Party. The Democratic platform satisfies the requirements of my major list of concerns: pro-environmental protection, pro-reproductive health care for women, pro-women's rights in the workplace, pro-public education, pro-consumer protection, just to name a few that come to mind.

Like somebody mentioned earlier, it takes money and resources to have a political party in any real competition with the GOP and the Democrats. I'd rather just support secularism and pluralism, inclusiveness and freedom of speech while staying under the Democratic tent. I enjoy being part of discussion groups that include atheist issues and concerns, however. It is important and healthy to fine tune your approach to discussing issues with people with different opinions and backgrounds. Otherwise we just live in an echo chamber of ideas.
no labels no lies?
I agree wholeheartedly that atheists - and other freethought groups - must unite as a political lobby but disagree with the idea of an atheist political party. Once that starts happening you will end up with a government and a nation torn apart with sectarian rivalries as every different religion and denomination leap in to start their own party.

Politicians will make policy according to voting blocs. If atheists can show that they will place their votes en masse with the party that best represents reason, science, secular education and the separation of church and state we will begin to make a difference.

We can make a difference - we already are in many different areas. In the USA you have the Secular Coalition for America. Support them. Donate to them. Join one of their affiliate groups. And spread the word.




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