Weak Religious Leaders Need Strict Rules. The Weakest of Them Need the Strictest Rules and the Most Violence.

This is a corollary to "Violence arises from powerlessness" by the Roman Seneca, either the Elder or the Younger.

I remember the nun who told her class "Faith is a gift that not everyone was given. I remember too the nun who told her class of the torments of Hell, even to the burning strips of flesh hanging from the bones.

Which nun was the stronger and which was the weaker?

Are parts of the OT less strict and less violent than other parts?

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The nun who went into graphic details is just a twisted sister ;)
It's all violence and brutality imo.

I Agree! And instilling fear in young people is child abuse!

Those who resort to fear and intimidation as a means to coerce someone to their side are about as weak as they come.  This weakness is further exemplified by the fact that they have no substance to back up their threats with, other than a book which is, at the very least, problematic.  The only reason why they have power at all is because other fearful people have swallowed their stories whole, without looking at them seriously or critically.

At some level, they know they're bluffing a busted flush ... and at that level, they are scared shitless.

I expect fear will overtake many more people as conditions deteriorate. The economy and weather fit right into the fear-mongers' opportunity for those who want to dominate others. 

Remedy? I know we are outnumbered and we don't use fear the way that some do. 

I communicate secular truths to secular and non-secular people by simply changing my vocabulary.

Question the fear-monger, seek an answer, expect to get propaganda. I don't think we need to know the bible and so don't need to "bone-up" on those ancient texts. What we do need is to stay calm, clear, and specific. Here is where Peter Boghossian offers help. 

First, seek to understand the other and then seek to offer your understanding to them. Use counterexamples to challenge the hypothesis.

"The elenchus, or question and answer, is the heart of the Socratic method. In the elenchus, which is essentially a logical refutation, Socrates uses counterexamples to challenge the hypothesis. The purpose of the counterexample is to call the hypothesis into question and ultimately show that it’s false."

"Is there intelligent life on other planets?”

"Carl Sagan, ‘We could be the first; someone had to be the first and it could be us.’” [Note: Stage of counterexample and beginning of the elenchus, which causes the epiphany of ignorance]"

"most interventions aimed at removing faith are not an initial success. Sometimes, even after years of treatment, the faith virus is not separated from its host. Initial, comprehensive success is rare. I conduct multiple Socratic interventions daily," 

~ Peter Boghossian

"Just as it could be that we’re the first intelligent life form to have arisen, so too could it be that we’re the last intelligent life form.” This is a counterexample. Is it "possible the universe was, at one point, teeming with intelligent life but perhaps there’s a “Great Filter” that either prevents or makes it exceedingly difficult for intelligent life to sustain itself.

~ Hanson, 1998). The Great Filter possibility" 

1: Doxastic Openness

2. Refutation

3. Question

4.  Action

5.  "all hypotheses are potential targets for refutation."

The method of Elenchusa form of cooperative argumentative dialogue, that is the central technique of the Socratic method. 

Elenchus (book), a third-century book also known as Refutation of All Heresies. 

Boghossian, Peter (2013-10-26). A Manual for Creating Atheists. (p. 100), (p. 101), (p. 103), (112), 

The Great Filter - Are We Almost Past It? Sept. 15, 1998 by Robin H....


When I was in 8th grade a Jesuit priest told our Theology class an interesting story. He tried to give a blessing to a man dying in his arms. The man denounced god, said he lived his life with out god and would die with out god. Upon saying that his head rolled off of his shoulders. He told us this in all seriousness. Sometime further in my catholic education we were shown videos of 3rd trimester abortions. Gotta love the Jesuits.


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