I just posted this INFOGRAPHIC and I'm wondering if folks have opinions or comments on it, as to the accuracy, or dispute other aspects of it.  If its remotely accurate, its really striking to see the distribution of wealth like this...

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Check out Richard Wilkinson on wealth inequality



Exactly!  I am a pure capitalist, and I want more money.  Stupid capitalists (not really capitalists in my opinion) think that poverty of most is a necessity for wealth.  The true capitalist realizes that the more wealth and prosperity their workers and consumers have, the more wealth and power they can have.

I think of Hilary Clinton enjoying a flight to the tropics to view the Haitian earthquake victims, who have NOTHING, not even hope.

And then she flies home to throw a $4 MILLION dollar wedding for her daughter.


Should there be limits on wealth?


wow..whats that from?




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