If you have not seen this youtube video yet, it is supposedly going "viral" and for good reason. I have seen all of these statistics before, but never put together so nicely all in a beautifully-made and moving package.


I have one serious criticism of the video, and that is that the creator must be completely ignorant of what socialism is. What he means to say is "communism", so if you just replace the word "communism" every time he says "socialism", this video makes complete sense. What he in fact is advocating is socialism; how else do you support an argument favoring wealth/power redistribution, whether up or down?


It is clear to me anyway that the reason our society has become just so unequal is that our policies are too far to the right. We bend over backwards for the rich, subduing our inate inclination to aggressively respond to members of our tribe who are being selfish with resources, to our credit as a species. But when we have gotten to the point where the opposing voice puts their fingers in their ears and shouts whenever the idea of raising taxes on wealthy private citizens comes up, we know that we must be bolder in our demands for the greed to stop.

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thanks - I am clicking on the link to watch the video

Supposedly? The information breakdown was recently featured on Rachel Maddow, though I don't remember her giving this video due credit. :)

"We bend over backwards for the rich" -- that statement is so true.

Amen sister! ;-)




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