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Jesus wasen't broke and church leaders shouldn't be either! JEEEEEEEZUSSSSSS!
Hahahahaha! That's right. The Bible forgot to mention that Jesus really went to Jerusalem on a shopping spree and the Pharisees got mad because he forgot to invite them to the party they were having that night.
That he did. Apparently the whole "I am not of this earth. I am not of this material world" mantra seems to be forgotten by these people. know what they say about fools and their money.
Just imagine what God could do if he were only half as rich as his minions. Boggles my mind.
From what I can tell, while god is all powerful and all knowing he doesn't handle his finances worth a shit because he always seems to need money.
Your right! Remember when God strong-armed Oral Roberts?
I think that "God" serves a societal purpose, it allows Loosers, Bums and other non productive people to get rich. Now my statement needs a disclaimer so here it goes "My thoughts on this issue are not religious belief, but a cultural one, based on a book called "Chanakya Neeti", that says people without vigor becomes saints" now that is not an exact translation, but close enough. It however seems that in developed society vigor/aggressiveness to succeed is not related to financial prowess so some clever people choose to become religious and then preachers (I think they have a case of identity crisis, but that is just me) to be able to make money of the suckers for faith.
However as economics would predict all money goes around and so does this one too, which becomes a case of conflict in some cases. I however do not see a problem here. I think that all should have opportunity and if there are suckers someone should be able to milk them. If they realize good, if they don't even better, at least there is less competition for people who do !
I never looked it it like that but it sure makes sense.


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