Is it me, or can most people on social networking sites not spell? I get acronyms, but actual misspelling, really? I'm not that old, either-not even thirty.

Does this make anyone else crazy or is it just me?

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Is anyone else having this problem?

Yes! I complained a couple of days ago about the HTML, which is now being attached, preventing paste from working in a reply. I'd do a copy and paste, and the reply window would look blank.

I resorted to manually stripping out the HTML crap in the HTML tab, but this is far more tedious than it needs to be.  Now I'm learning to use Notepad++ to strip it off.

Maybe the "nuerologist" was a failed numerologist?
(Pseudoscience strikes again! :-)

Anyway, I wouldn't go to a "nuerologist" any more than I'd buy "V!agra" or "Cia1is" or other drugs from a pharmacy that deliberately misspelled them! (Not that I'd buy anything from spammers anyway.)


I have 3 linguistics degrees, so I had to comment.  I love to watch language change.  Who knew that in my lifetime there would be such a rich variety of verbs that report narration-- "he goes," she's like," "I'm all" -- none of which I'll ever say.  How how about new conversation-monitors like "Duh!"?  I would never have predicted that "google" would be a verb.

Language change does drive language-conservative folks nuts.  So look at the big picture.  Fast communication plus an atmosphere of "out of school, no rules" means more idiosyncratic spellings and weirrrrrddd language fads (like the repetition of letters to symbolize tone of voice) in electronic communication and social media.

But the requirements for minimum achievement in this world demand a certain level of writing competence.  Those that don't acquire it will suffer the consequences (unfortunately, the bar has gotten lower).  They don't need you (or me) to be mad at them. ;)

Other commentators are right -- you are judged by your speech (Prof. Higgins thought that's ALL there was to it).

Quotation marks on home-made signs are fun to watch.  My favorite:  "Live" Girls (are they zombies?).

The quality of writing on A/N is high, reflecting the thoughtfulness and educational level of the contributors.

Best regards,



I was *furious* with my realtor once; when the appraisal on the house I was trying to sell came in low, he wrote a long letter talking about the "new" roof and the "fresh" paint job, etc., etc. and at the time I had never really noticed that some idiots use quotes for emphasis!  So I thought he was telling them my roof was allegedly new, the paint was allegedly fresh, etc.

The light dawned, and I had to settle for hoping the recipient of the letter was as stupid as he was... or at least, understood what was meant.

I would have been furious with the realtor.

Me too! I'd have been tempted to write about him as a realtor (with quotes) for writing a letter that would undermine a fair appraisal.

I would have been furious with the realtor.

I was left hoping that the recipient of the letter would be just as much of an unlettered dufus as he was.

Realtors here in California have to speak to buyers carefully.

A San Francisco realtor about thirty years ago sold a house to a Chinese family without full disclosure.

Some Chinese-Americans will not buy a house in which someone committed suicide. The realtor concealed this information and the case went to the state supreme court. That court refused to set the contract aside but there are enough Chinese here that the law changed.

I'm sure some realtors just hate all the regulation.

Alan, I very much like your comment and appreciate your posts. I find myself trying to live up to your good example and others who use English "properly". I spent my professional life working with trouble kids and adults, many of them with terrible grammer. For me, verb tense errors, subject and verb errors, fragmented sentences and run on sentences sound correct. Since writing for AN, I am working on it and hope to perform at a higher level. I do appreciate being corrected. I don't put the responsibility on you or others, but when I make an error, it is because I didn't see it.

OK (Hi, Joan!), I'm a spelling nut. Mostly because I can! So I'm going to correct you, ONLY because you asked for it (funsies!!). You didn't need to put the word "properly" in quotes, because you were using it properly (But I did). And grammar is spelled "grammar".

Hope you don't mind that I'm having fun with you!!! :-) (And I use WAY too many exclamation marks and parentheses, and I capitalize words I want to emphasize, and am not above using non-standard words and grammar when they make the sound I WANT them to!) :-)

Thanks, Joan...I appreciate your loyal readership and kind comments.  Writing or speaking a language involves an infinitude of choices, which means a multitude of ways to be "wrong," whether you're a foreign language speaker putting words in the wrong order or you're a native speaker trying to navigate the confusing paths to "correctness."

And the standards keep changing.  In the 19th century, people were debating about a new verb phrase, the progressive passive ("The house was being built.").  Today, sentence fragments and (horrors!) dangling modifiers are getting more and more common.

When dictionary makers become moralists and exclude a word, it blossoms: to wit, "fuck".

They provide job security for future dictionary makers.

During all of my dictionary-purchasing years, I bought only those whose makers included "the word".

With the New Oxford American, I hit pay dirt.

BTW, the Brits do it right(ly?) when they put a full stop (period) outside a quoted expression that concludes a sentence.

BTeffingW, I found the above usage of "to wit" in Merriam-Webster's Concise Dict'y of English Usage. "...blossoms. To wit, fuck." would also have been proper usage.

Also BTFW, I recently needed a term for effusive sentiment and coined the word "sentimentalia". If enough others use it, a future dictionary maker will include it.

What fun I'm having.




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