Is it me, or can most people on social networking sites not spell? I get acronyms, but actual misspelling, really? I'm not that old, either-not even thirty.

Does this make anyone else crazy or is it just me?

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Natalie A Sera, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so grateful!. As I remember you have pulled me out of other holes in the past. That is a test of a good friend. I think of you every time I overgeneralize the Abrahamic religions. You are an excellent teacher.
By-the-way, my "Reply" button works only intermittently.

Natalie, or any grammarian, "she is as bad as I." Correct?
Also, when a caller asks for Joan, I respond "I am she". Correct?

It feels kind of good to be a sixth grader at 77 years old. I guess I am on "rewind".

I would never say "I am she". I would answer "This is she". But I actually avoid that by saying "Speaking." And I would say "she is as bad as I am." But do remember, Joan, that I'm not infallible, and I'm also not going to get elected to be the next Pope! :-)

Joan, people in writing groups have said I'm a grammar nazi. And so...

"she is as bad as I" Try "Don't mess with either of us."

When a caller asks for Tom, I respond "You're talking to him."

It feels kind of good to pick nits at 82. Would you believe I ignore a few nits?

Joan, I will happily answer grammar/usage questions for all A/N folks.

Traditionally, "as I" is correct, assuming an omitted am.  But this rule (of truncated sentences, i.e., "as bad as I am") conflicts with cases where pronoun is required after preposition, e.g., "bigger than me."  So the two variants become stylistically differentiated - I is formal, me is colloquial.  Neither is wrong, except to the grammar freak who wants to play gotcha games.

To be correct all the time, simply avoid the troublesome choice, and say it some other way, as with "speaking."

Alan, you've probably seen Fowler's sermon on the placement of "only".

I scanned his book for equivalent sermons on other words but found none.

He had an issue with that word's placement that caused him to lose his objectivity.

In an old Chicago Manual of Style I saw mention of "a few rules" on a topic. About sixty rules followed.

Tom...I have watched self-appointed grammarians try to oppose language change for 50 years, and they have been doing it for many more than that. 

Haven't seen Fowler's apoplexy about only.  I can say only [note correct positon] that I have watched this adverb shift to the front of the sentence where it makes no logical sense.  I even marked it on students' papers but eventually gave up.  Apparently putting the only upfront emphasizes the reasonableness of the request/statement.  Just a guess.  I see examples almost every day.  Only is upfront and not going back.

I never lose my objectivity ;) , but I continue to be curious about I could care less.  Don't you mean you couldn't care less?  Also consider I can't seem to.... It's not that you are unable to seem, whatever that means.  The idiom means 'seemingly can't.'

Natalie A Sera, I don't see where I thanked you for your comments and correction. I do appreciate your help.

Black narratives, written in their style of speech, have a rhythm to them I enjoy. That said, I like this string about grammar and punctuation. It awakens an awareness in me that I have some work to do. Sorry I didn't listen more attentively when Miss Rousseau was so strict in elementary school. She rapped my knuckles a time or two. 

Here's Ogden Nash, with some playful, nonstandard text that would sail right through a spelling checker.

The Panther

The panther is like a leopard,
Except it hasn't been peppered.
Should you behold a panther crouch,
Prepare to say Ouch.
Better yet, if called by a panther,
Don't anther.

Off-topic, I know, but this triggered me big-time:

With two additional animals thrown in for good measure!

I couldn't understand the words. Do you have a transcript?




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