I'm getting married in October and the chapel has it's own officient. They sent me what he says typically and even the "generic" one is full of God this and Jesus that and blessed art thou BS. Do any of you have any good ideas/referrals from a wedding you attended or anything you don't mind sharing from your own ceremony? I just want it to say that we're giving ourselves to eachother while we're alive... but for 10 minutes worth of ceremony, haha.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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They sent me what he says typically and even the "generic" one is full of God this and Jesus

Substitute "Google" for "God" and "atheist wedding vows" for "Jesus" - first 5 hits

Haha, thank you for the links... and for reading the rest of my post before you got too worked up :oP The choice of a chapel was ease of planning, the Paris in Las Vegas has a beautiful chapel and they have great packages that include a mini honeymoon and photography, it just seemed easiest ;o)
I got married about a year ago. We wrote our own vows by taking pieces of several different secular ceremonies we found online and adding some personal lines of our own. It made our ceremony very special for us.

You still have plenty of time to do this - it probably took us a 4 or 5 evenings of working on it. I don't have all of the websites I used, but here are two links to secular ceremonies. With these and the ones that others posted, you should have plenty to write your own ceremony.

I can't currently find the finished version of our ceremony, but if I do, I will post it or email it to you.

Send a note to Brother Richard. He's a secular celebrant and he may have something suitable he can suggest.
That's a great idea! Too bad I didn't know about this place sooner or I could have booked him to come and do it for us, haha.
Hi Laura,
I got married last year and I had the same issue. We put together a nice script without any mention of god in it. I am happy to email it to you if you want to check it out to get some ideas. Shoot me an email at bfole001@yahoo.com and I'll send it to you.
Take care,




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