So I've been to a few weddings the past year and one thing I've noticed is how deeply religious the ceremony is. For one wedding it made sense, the father of the bride is a pastor, the bride and her siblings went to christian school. They were a very religious family and the wedding reflected that (no alcohol. ouch). The other weddings were with more mainstream families. I knew the bride and groom were religious from past conversations but it was never a common talking point. They didn't go to church 3 times a week, no jesus necklace, no bible quotes on facebook, they just went to church on sunday every once in awhile. Still, the ceremony was all about Jesus, God and blah blah blah. There was a pastor practically doing a sermon, a couple of prayers including a "guest prayer". It was clear that these were christian marriages. It seemed more like they were marrying god! 

I'm 22, single and nowhere close to getting married but it got me thinking. I'm atheist (obviously, I'm on this site!) but my family is christian. Oh, and I live in the deep south/bible belt. My grandparents and extended family are very religious. Parents not so much but still religious. My friends who I witnessed getting married were no more religious than my family. It's the same go to church every once in awhile and never preach about it. But with the very religious ceremonies I saw it got me wondering what it's gonna be like when the time finally comes for me to get married. Basically all of my family will expect a religious ceremony. My grandma even expressed disbelief one time that some don't even get married in a church! I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation. I get that it'll be my wedding and my choice but pissing off 90% of the family isn't exactly a great thing to do. Of course, things could get decided for me if I marry a religious bride but that's another issue. Maybe secular weddings in the south are more common than I think. Just want to hear others' opinions who have been in similar situations. 

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Good questions! Nothing bad will happen, I think. I could find only two reasons to marry: 1 here there is no other way to disinherit your family, and 2 when you're seriously ill, your family can have the right to decide about you. Marriage is a way to take that right away from them.




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